Automatic Screen Washing Machine

Because our custom balloon printing process uses silk screen for printing, we use many screens everyday. The screens are washed and cleaned over and over by hand. So Zach, the operations manager and a friend, designed and built an automatic screen washing machine. The washer acts like a car wash, with the screens loaded on… Read more »

Cool Air Inflator

If you want to save money on helium, you can use regular air instead. The balloons will stay inflated longer when filled with air, but they, of course, will not float. You can buy compressed air or nitrogen or you can use a Cool Air Inflator Brand Machine. This cool air inflator uses electricity to provide continuous… Read more »

What To Expect From Your Personalized Balloon Printer

When ordering custom balloons for your birthday, wedding, or other special event, be sure to order from a reputable company. Here are a few items you should be keep in mind when choosing a balloon printer for your custom balloons: 1) Balloon Size: Be sure that you are getting the correct size balloon when ordering. Many balloon… Read more »

Shelf Life of Latex Balloons

Made from the sap of rubber trees, latex or rubber balloons are all natural and 100% biodegradable. The shelf life of a personalized balloon is 6 months to one year. Your custom printed balloons should be stored in a cool dark place until use, away from sunlight and heat which can shorten their lifespan. After… Read more »

Food Safe Ink on Printed Napkins

When you order your custom printed napkins, make sure the company is using food safe ink. We at use and recommend food safe inks. Food safe inks should be used when printing on napkins because napkins come in contact with food and humans. One downside to using food safe ink is that the image printed… Read more »

How To Increase Balloon Float Time Part 4

In the previous posts, I talked about increasing float time for birthday balloons, wedding balloons, and personalized balloons. To review, we talked about: 1) Proper Inflation: Under inflation will diminish the float time of your custom balloons. 2) Hand Tying: Using sealing methods like Premium Balloon Seals add weight to the balloon and does not… Read more »

How To Increase Balloon Float Time Part 3

You can increase balloon float time by hand tying your balloon. You can get sealing devices like the Premium Balloon Seal, Quickie Clips, or the Balloon Disc, but hand tying is the best and least expensive method to seal your custom balloons. In the next blog I will talk about using Hi Float to increase… Read more »

How To Increase Balloon Float Time Part 1

People always ask for ways to increase balloon float time. I can first answer the question with a question. How long do you want or need the balloons to float? The answer to the question will determine the size of the balloon. The 12 inch is the most common balloon size and this balloon will float about 12… Read more »

Most Popular Balloon Size

The most popular balloon size for parties is the 12 inch latex balloon. The 12 inch balloon is the most popular for wedding balloons, birthday balloons, personalized balloons and custom printed balloons. The 10 inch balloon is smaller but the float time is also shorter. We recommend 10 inch balloons for parades and fairs when… Read more »