How To Order Custom Balloons

When ordering custom balloons, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

1)Size: Choose the correct balloon size for your needs. The 12 inch balloon is the most popular size and fulfill most party balloon requirements, while 10 inch balloons may be better suited for use in balloon drop nets. Balloon decorations and table centerpieces can call for multiple sizes of custom printed balloons. To determine which personalized balloon size you need, consider the size of the venue, how the printed balloons will be used, and your budget. Thinking about these three things will help you select the correct balloon size.

2)Color: Choose a good contrasting balloon color and ink color combination for custom printed balloons. Use white or lighter inks on darker colored balloons and black ink or dark ink on lighter colored balloons. The importance in color selection is creating contrast while remaining true to the color theme of your event. Greater contrast results in logos, messages, or pictures that stand out on your personalized balloons, while the lack of contrast creates the opposite effect.

3)Layout: Choose a bold layout or image for your printed balloons. Because balloons are round, use a layout that is symmetrical, or one that is as wide as it is tall for best results. Here are two examples:

Happy Joe’s Pizza Parlor, Davenport, Iowa.

Although appropriate for letters and text, this copy is very long and will not show well on a custom printed balloon. Instead, here’s a better way:

Happy Joe’s

Pizza Parlor

Davenport, Iowa

By considering these things you be able to make a more effective and interesting personalized balloon. Still unsure about how your printed balloon looks? Worried that the end result won’t look right? Don’t worry, will send you a proof, or confirmation image, for your approval before you are charged or a single balloon is printed.  And because each custom printed balloon is a walking billboard, we will make your copy as bold and big as possible.