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Photo Balloons
Photo Balloons are a great way to have a super fun party and celebrate the guest of honor at your event. You can put a photo with some text, or just the photo!


Birthday Party
Birthdays are especially fun if you put a goofy photo or baby photo of the guest of honor.

Anniversary Party
Anniversaries are another great idea for photo balloons. You can add the wedding photo and put things like, “50th Anniversary” or ” Celebrating 30 Years!” People love seeing their legacy celebrated, and kids will love the balloons throughout the party.

Memory Balloons for Memorial
Sometimes we lose the ones we love, and photo balloons are a great way to display photos at a memorial service or party. Make sure you are responsible and DO NOT release balloons outside. Keep your party responsible and dispose of the balloons in the trash so they don’t float into field or bodies of water.

Balloon Size
We use our most popular 12” balloons so they last the whole event.

Balloon Colors
We print your photo balloons with a single ink color, and it’s best to use a black ink on a light colored balloon. Try and provide a photo that has good contrast, good lighting, and is NOT blurry. We will send a proof of your imprint before we print anything.

Float Time
12-24 hours indoors, and NOT in direct sunlight

Inflation Techniques
You can rent or buy a helium tank from a party supply store when using helium, or use a conventional air compressor or hand pump to inflate with air


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