Fun Things To Do With Balloons

It is amazing how something so inexpensive and simple can entertain children for hours. I was amazed to watch kids entertain themselves with wedding balloons at a reception recently. The air filled balloons were raised upward toward the sky, supported by tiny hands that gently lifted them. The kids were mesmerized with this simple game. Here are some other fun ideas for balloons and kids:

1) Take an air-inflated balloon and see how long the balloon can remain in the air by using your hands, feet, head, etc.. to keep the balloon suspended in air. A twist on this is to use helium balloons and attempt to prevent them from reaching the ceiling.

2) Take an air inflated balloon and have the kids try to keep the balloon suspended in air by blowing air from their mouths under the balloon. You can also have a race across the room. Or you could even have the kids try to blow the balloon into a basket or something similar.

3) Take an air filled balloon and rub the balloon on your shirt. This will create a static charge on the balloon and enable the balloon to “stick” to any surface or person. See how many balloons you can stick on a person or wall using this trick.

4) Water balloons are a timeless classic that go great with a hot summer day. Just be sure to establish some ground rules, such as the house is a safe zone and is off limits to water balloon throwing. Even clean up can be turned into a contest to see who can pick up the most balloon pieces.

It doesn’t take that much to entertain children, and spending some time outside together is sure to create happy memories for both you and your little ones. Just remember basic balloon safety and have fun!