Most Popular Metallic Balloon Colors

Although we carry over 18 vibrant balloon colors in 12 inch balloons, metallic silver and metallic gold are by far the most popular. Gold balloons are often used for 50th anniversary and silver balloons are used for 25th anniversary events.

Imprinted Political Balloons

This time of year you will see lots of balloons printed for political events. Parades, fairs and rallies are great places to pass out custom balloons. When you give our personalized balloons printed with your candidate’s name and message, the balloon becomes a walking political billboard. Many campaigns have been won or lost based on… Read more »

Personalized Business Candy

Personalized business candies make a great affordable promotion for any business. Custom printed candy wrappers have your company message or logo printed on the outside. Inside is sealed a fresh piece of mouth-watering candy in your choice of the following flavors: starlight fruit mints, starlight peppermints, chocolate candy mints, buttermints, scotch mints or scotch spearmints,… Read more »

Custom Red White and Blue Balloons

As I mentioned in my previous blog, red, white and blue are the most popular balloon colors for custom printed balloons. Many customers order one color of balloons for their entire order, for example, 500 white balloons with blue ink, or 1000 cherry red custom balloons with white ink. Now when you order your personalized… Read more »

Why Do Balloons Float?

One time I had a customer who argued with me that he did not need helium for his balloons to float. This guy insisted that his breath alone could make a balloon float. I could not contain my laughter and I told him that I would fly to wherever he was to witness this phenomenon…. Read more »

Custom Printed Car Dealer Balloons

Car dealers love custom printed balloons for sales and promotions. The most popular balloons for outdoor display are the 17 inch personalized balloon. The 17 inch is large and lasts the longest for a sales event. Many car dealers will order custom printed mylar balloons for inside show room displays. The 18 inch foil mylar… Read more »

Wedding Balloon Colors

The most popular wedding balloon color choices for brides tend to be the metallic and pearlized colors. Although many brides will order standard and decorator balloon colors such as white, purple, periwinkle, etc… the shiny finish of the metallic and pearls seem to be the more desired choice for custom printed wedding balloons. Here are your choices… Read more »

Most Popular Balloon Colors

Balloons Tomorrow stocks over 40 different balloon colors for your custom balloons. The most popular balloons colors are: Red – 8% White – 8% Blue – 8% These three colors make up almost 25% of all the colors we stock.


Balloons Tomorrow has added the popular buttermints to the choices available for custom printed candies. Personalized buttermints are great for weddings, birthdays and business candy. The buttermints can be packaged in quantities as low as 250. Each custom printed candy wrapper has your special message printed on the wrapper. The wrapper keeps the personalized mints… Read more »

Where Do We Get Helium From?

Where do we get helium from? The helium guy! Just kidding. Helium is harvested from natural gas processing. When natural gas is removed from the ground, one of the by products is helium, along with several other noble gases.