Party Ideas for Grown Ups

Recently my wife Brenda and I had a party at our home for our dance friends. Brenda and I ballroom dance and after a big dance showcase, we had all our friends over for some food and fun.

As an ice breaker we played this game called “Truth or Consequences.” Here’s how it works: each person introduces themselves to the other party guests and tells three things about themselves, two statements are true and one is not true. Tell a story about where you grew up or something significant you did in your past and then something false. The other party guests take turns guessing what is true and what is false. The person who guesses the falsehood wins one million dollars. Actually, the person who wins get to be the next contestant.

I found the game fun and entertaining and I learned lots of stuff about people I did not know. I found out that another guest was a child model and so was I, so we had something in common which I would have never know about her had we not played this game of “Truth or Consequences.”