Imprinted Balloons With Logos

Imprinted balloons with logos are a great way to promote you business. Here are some suggestions on how to design great customized balloons for inflatable advertising:

1) Choose a good logo or layout. Balloons are round, bumper stickers are long. If your logo is long and not too tall, it may not look good on a balloon. You may need to stack or make your message more symmetrical. Logos appear best when they are more square rather than rectangular. For your message to look good on your customized balloons, be sure to make the logo as wide as it is tall. We can modify your message or logo for maximum impact.

2) Artwork. Artwork provided should be clean, crisp, and in black and white. Size should be about 4- 5 inches in diameter. We will enlarge the logo to maximum size to print your personalized balloons with logo for the greatest impact.

3) Color. Choose a balloon color and ink color that will contrast. White balloons look good with dark inks like dark blue and black. Darker colored balloons look good with light colored inks like white ink. You can even utilize color opposites, such as red/green, blue/orange, or purple/yellow. These colors sit across from one another on a color wheel and contrast each other quite well.

With these three things in mind, you should be able to create great balloons with custom printed logos to advertise your business, grand opening, sale, or upcoming promotion. Get your business’ name out there with printed logo balloons from Balloons Tomorrow!