Custom Balloon Printing

Custom balloon printing has been around for thousands of years. Cave drawings show pictures of cave people printing balloons in caves! Just kidding of course. Actually, balloon printing has been around for about 75 years.

What most people do not realize is that each balloon is inflated before it is printed. Balloons are inflated to get a proper imprint and to check for holes. If a balloon was printed uninflated, the image would warp when the balloon was inflated and used. Most balloons are silk screened for a thicker bold imprint. It takes about 1 hour to print 1,000 balloons. Each balloon is deflated and then heat dried to dry the ink and to shrink the balloon back to normal size.

Balloon printing is an art with some science added in. Room temperature, humidity, and ink chemistry all play an important roll in good printing, but a great personalized balloon starts out with good artwork, as well as good balloon and ink color choices. For best results, choose balloon colors and ink colors that contrast.