How To Order Personalized Wedding Napkins

When you order personalized wedding napkins, here are a few things to remember:

1) Quantity. Order the quantity you need. Personalized napkins for your wedding are an inexpensive way to add color and fun to your wedding day, but do you really need 2,000?  I don’t think so, unless, of course, you are expecting near 2,000 guests. If the number of guests on your list is a bit more conservative in number, you can order as few as 100 custom napkins for your wedding.

2) Color. Have a reasonable expectations for the color match. You can call us for a free sample before you make your order of personalized napkins. It’s your special day and you want everything to be perfect, but you may not be able to get an exact Anti-flash White or Turkish Rose wedding color match for your custom printed napkins. However, from our selection of 20 custom napkin color choices, you should be able to find a more than suitable approximate match. Try to get a color that is as close as possible, but don’t fret if the colors are not perfectly the same The printer may not have an exact match, and besides, similar colors, when arranged creatively, can create more visually interesting table decor than if the colors were the exact same.

3) Contrast. Choose ink colors that will contrast well with the color of your custom napkins. Dark ink colors show well on light colored custom napkins while lighter ink colors are preferable on darker colored napkins. Other contrasting color sets are opposite colors (colors appearing opposite one another on the color wheel), such as red/green, blue/orange, and yellow/purple. The ideal napkin and ink color choice will contrast enough to make your wedding information, names, or monogram to stand out while still fitting in with your overall wedding palette.

With these things in mind, you will be able to order the perfect custom printed napkins for this most special of occasions. Good luck and congratulations!