Imprinted Wedding Mints

Imprinted wedding mints are a popular product here at the Balloons Tomorrow factory, with the most popular flavor of all being butter mint. Wedding mints can be individually wrapped and custom printed with your custom message. You can also order the butter mints plain wrapped.

I recommend the custom wrapped candy for several reasons. One is to maintain the freshness of the candy. Candy quality degrades over time and with exposure to air. Personalized candy wrappers slow this process down by sealing out the elements and keeping the candy in a self contained environment.The second reason to get the custom wrapped candy is for sanitary reasons. No further explanation is need here. The third reason is that the custom wrapped candy can be used as a party favor and people can take some of the wrapped candy home. Unwrapped candy left in a dish or bowl has no unique quality to separate if from any other candy, but printed wrapped candy serves as both a tasty treat and leaves guests with a little memento of your special day.