How To Order Printed Wedding Balloons

When ordering printed wedding balloons, here are four things to keep in mind to help you order the ideal custom balloons for your special day:

1) Order only what you need. For most weddings, you will only need 250 balloons. Let’s say you want a bouquet of 12 balloons on each table and then several bouquets around the reception area. If you have 20 bouquets, that’s 240 balloons.

2) Order the correct balloon size for your wedding balloon. The best size is 12 inch. !2 inch balloons will give you a float time of 10-24 hours. If you need a longer float time, then I would use the 14 inch. You will get 24 hour float time. Personalized foil balloons have an even longer float life of 2-3 weeks.

3) Get the correct balloon color for your custom wedding balloon order. Call us for a free sample to make sure you get the color that you want. Sometimes an exact match is not possible, but don’t worry! has a selection of printed wedding balloon color choices that may not perfectly match, but should come close.

4) Choose the right ink color for you personalized wedding balloons. Lighter ink colors contrast well with darker colored balloons while darker ink colors should be used on lighter balloons. The ideal custom wedding balloon and ink colors will both boldly display your photo, message, or wedding information and fit into your overall wedding color palette.