Creating The Fun Baby Shower Experience

Baby Shower BalloonsBaby shower balloons are one way to create a fun baby shower experience for all. We’ve got all the reasons you need balloons the next time the stork drops by.


Balloons are a classic decoration and they have adorned generations of baby showers.

Balloons are inexpensive and festive and can add a whimsical flourish to any baby shower, not to mention a pop of color and that childhood party feel.

But if you don’t know how to incorporate baby shower balloons into your event, look no further. Whether you opt for helium filled balloons or not, here are three of the best ways to use baby shower balloons.

Embrace the balloon

With a little creativity, baby shower balloons can become the focal point of the day and can help to enhance the theme.

Of course, you can find balloons in all kinds of different characters. You would be hard pressed to find a theme that didn’t already have a ready-made balloon that matched.

But baby shower balloons are also a great opportunity to try your hand at some Do It Yourself decorations.

One cute idea is to have a hot air balloon theme. All you need to create your own hot air balloons are some baskets, balloons, and string. Tie the balloons to the baskets and viola! Hot air balloons!

You can use your hot air balloons for centerpieces or hold things like silverware.

Add a little sparkle to your baby shower balloons by rolling one end of the balloon in a thin layer of glue and then dip in glitter.

Another idea is a balloon garland, which is a versatile decorating option that can be used to complement any baby shower theme.

Baby shower balloon games

Another great use for baby shower balloons is for games. Here are a few of our favorites!

  • When will mommy pop? Give everyone an inflated balloon and have them race to see who can pop their balloon first. To make this game harder, you can make the rule that you can’t use tools (forks, pins, scissors, etc.). Or even go handless and laugh as everyone tried to sit on their balloon or pin it against a wall!
  • How big is the belly? This game is reminiscent of your childhood favorite of guessing how many gumballs are in the jar. Have the mother to leave the room and see who can blow up their balloon closest to the size of her belly.
  • The baby name game: If the baby name has already been announced, this can be a fun game for guests. Write names on balloons before they are blown up and let everyone pick a balloon as they arrive. Only one of the balloons will have the baby’s name on it and whoever picked that balloon wins. Be as tricky as you want! Maybe the first name is correct on a few baby shower balloons, but the middle name isn’t!

Picture perfect

If mom and dad had a maternity shoot, this is the perfect opportunity to show off those pictures.

You will need physical prints of the pictures, string, and helium filled balloons. Tie the pictures to the baby shower balloons with different lengths of string and let them loose during the baby shower.

Guests will have a blast tracking down every last picture as they bump along throughout the baby shower.

Or you can put the pictures right on the balloons themselves with custom printed photo balloons!

No matter how you decide to use baby shower balloons, it’s sure to add a little pop to your decorations.

5 Great Balloon Decorations For Your Next Party

balloon decorationsBefore you purchase flowers, streamers, or ice sculptures for your next party or event, why not consider balloon decorations?

Extravagant, colorful, or classic balloon collections add a touch of whimsy to any setting.


A long-beloved staple of any children’s party, when balloons are added to grown-up events, they remind us of simpler times.

Plus, they’re often much less expensive than other types of decorations, like flowers or sculptures. If you’re thinking about adding balloons to your next party, check out these ideas that are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces!

1. Balloon Clouds

If you’re new to adding balloon decorations to your parties, it’s a good idea to start with something simple. A balloon cloud is a great choice.

Simply inflate a bunch of balloons, attach strings, and hang the strings from the ceiling with a bit of tape.

Don’t use helium. You want the balloons to hang down, not float. Tape the strings close together so that the balloons are bunched up in a cloud-like formation.

Around the edges of your group of balloons, use shorter strings, so that the rest of the strings are hidden from view.

Your ‘cloud’ will appear to hover in the air.

Arrange your cloud over a dinner table or a table of gifts for a fun, whimsical formation.

2. Add Glitter or Confetti

For this simple balloon decoration, all you need are clear balloons and some confetti or glitter.

Simply add the confetti or glitter to your balloons, inflate them, and you’ll have a fun, decorative display that’s great for any party.

3. Create a Garland

If you order custom balloons with an image, logo, or name displayed on them, you’ll want to choose a formation that lets you show it off.

A balloon garland is an easy choice.

All you’ll need is some string, a needle, and your custom balloons. Once your balloons are inflated, poke a hole in the extra balloon at the end of where you tie them off. Poke your string through that hole, and keep adding balloons to the string.

If you’re using plain balloons, skip the helium so that they hang downwards. If you choose custom balloons, add helium so your message is displayed right-side up.

4. Make Them Glow

If you’re hosting a party at night, add a pop of light and color to your balloons by adding glow sticks before you inflate them.

This is great for kids and adults alike. They can help illuminate a dark space or be given out as fun party favors.

5. Build a Balloon Column

Large, stand-alone balloon structures are easy to build but look like expensive decorations.

To build your own balloon column, start by tying four balloons together by their ties. Use string to do so, and leave a long tail. You can also purchase a balloon arch kit which is a popular item for weddings and other outdoor events.

Continue tying groups of four balloons together. Then, stack the formations, and tie them together with the loose tails of string.

Make sure you don’t use helium for your column, or it may float away!

Choosing the right balloon decorations for your next party

No matter which of these great balloon decorations you choose for your next party, you’ll end up with a fun decoration that you guests will rave about!

If you’re ready to build your own balloon decor, you’ll need to start by buying some fun, colorful, or custom balloons. Balloons Tomorrow is your one-stop-shop for all of your balloon needs!

Custom Balloons and The Amazon Rainforest

What does a Custom latex balloon have to do with the Amazon rainforest? Listen to this. You already know  that the Amazon Rainforest is vital to the life of our planet. You may not know that the latex balloon has its origin in the rain forest. You may not realize how the custom balloons sustains the Amazon Rainforest.

The latex balloon industry has a positive  impact on the rain forest by using a renewable resource form the rain forest. The rain forest has wild growing rubber plants where latex is carefully harvested. A rain forest farmer called a rubber tapper can care for about 2 to 3 acres of rubber plants. The rubber trees have their sap which is raw latex drawn in a manner which maintains the tree and thus the life giving rain forest. So when you use a rubber latex balloon you are in a small way saving the rain forest.

The next time you see the smile that a custom latex balloon creates on the face of a child think of the rain forest. The next time you see the splendid colors provided by custom balloons or wedding balloons or party balloons think of the rainforest.

Brand New Online Store has a brand new online store to make online purchases faster, easier and more secure. The new online store has a one-page checkout process and simplifies the customization process and ordering of custom printed products.

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7 Reasons not to buy balloons from

  1. You’d prefer a boring decoration for your party or event using plain ordinary store bought balloons.
  2.  You’d rather purchase inferior quality printing and balloons from a competitor that doesn’t have a proprietary printing process that makes the printing stand out and doesn’t use a thicker walled balloon that lasts longer.
  3. You don’t want your party or event to be unique with your own personalized message printed on colorful balloons.
  4.  You don’t care if having custom printed balloons as part of your event decoration make people smile and give you compliments.
  5. You’d rather pay higher prices from someone else that makes it look like their prices are lower then upcharges you for shipping and proofs.
  6. You’d rather deal with some mega corporation or a guy working out of his garage than a family owned business that’s been printing custom balloons for over 20 years.
  7. You’re not planning a party or event.

Ring in the New Year with a Balloon Drop!

There is nothing more exciting than counting down the seconds until the New Year begins!  Whether you’re in New York freezing to death and watching the “ball” drop or at your own party, it’s great fun to see things falling from above when the clock strikes midnight.   Check out this video! Balloon Drop

All you need for this is a balloon drop net kit from Balloons Tomorrow, and a few hooks and you can do a balloon drop of any size pretty much any where!  3-M makes those great hooks that come off without marring your walls and they are just right for attaching your net to the wall in a cove ceiling.  You can also use the hooks that come with the kit if you are under a drop ceiling (the kind with those metal frames that the tiles fit in).  The kit contains the net, the line to open the net and let the balloons fall out and the connectors to customize the size of your drop net.  We only used a fourth of the small net for our drop since we were in our home, but we may use the rest of the net for another event in the future (New Year’s happens every year in case you didn’t notice).  A balloon drop would also be great for a surprise party–imagine the look on their face when all the balloons start falling as they come through the door!!


Balloon Drop Net filled and ready to hang.

Allow about an hour for every 100 balloons you drop and make sure you plan ahead–you can blow the balloons up way in advance if you hand-tie them (3-4 days ahead) because since they are filled with air, they don’t change very quickly.  The balloons in the net are very light and easy to lift, but a little awkward if you are trying to hang by yourself, so have a buddy help you.  Use the cool air inflator or hand pump from Balloons Tomorrow to make the inflation really easy and hand tie your balloons if you can.  Otherwise use the safe-tite discs to seal the balloons.  Then when you have the net full of the balloons, hang in its desired location and follow the instructions for releasing the balloons at the big moment.

Warm Weather Festivities

As winter comes to an end,  the weather is getting warmer and the outdoor festivities are getting closer.  Many of you have family gatherings and parties coming up soon and you may be looking for fun party decorations or party favors for your event. Balloons are a great idea for any party!  Have you ever been to an event that had balloons and not had a smile on your face? Whether you are planning a small get-together or a large corporate event in the park… custom printed balloons and other items are sure to make your event a SUCCESS!

Balloons are a great way to get draw attention to your event and make sure that everyone knows where they should go to have a good time! There are many different routes that you can take with ordering balloons for your celebration. You can get custom printed balloons with a logo or phrase, or just plain balloons in an assortment of vivid colors. Which ever way you decide to go will be a good decision and will surely make your special occasion one to remember.


Save the Date Custom Balloons

Example of balloons being used as Save the Dates

Example of balloons being used as Save the Dates

When thinking of fun and creative ways of announcing a wedding, balloons come to mind because they brighten everyone’s day and bring them joy to the wonderful news of your announcement. Custom wedding Balloons are fun because they playfully make the recipient inflate them to get all the information on the balloon.  Save The Date balloons can vary in size but the most popular size for Save the Date’s is 12” latex. These are a great size because they are large enough to fit all the info for the wedding and they fit well in small invitation envelopes.