5 Great Balloon Decorations For Your Next Party

balloon decorationsBefore you purchase flowers, streamers, or ice sculptures for your next party or event, why not consider balloon decorations?

Extravagant, colorful, or classic balloon collections add a touch of whimsy to any setting.


A long-beloved staple of any children’s party, when balloons are added to grown-up events, they remind us of simpler times.

Plus, they’re often much less expensive than other types of decorations, like flowers or sculptures. If you’re thinking about adding balloons to your next party, check out these ideas that are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces!

1. Balloon Clouds

If you’re new to adding balloon decorations to your parties, it’s a good idea to start with something simple. A balloon cloud is a great choice.

Simply inflate a bunch of balloons, attach strings, and hang the strings from the ceiling with a bit of tape.

Don’t use helium. You want the balloons to hang down, not float. Tape the strings close together so that the balloons are bunched up in a cloud-like formation.

Around the edges of your group of balloons, use shorter strings, so that the rest of the strings are hidden from view.

Your ‘cloud’ will appear to hover in the air.

Arrange your cloud over a dinner table or a table of gifts for a fun, whimsical formation.

2. Add Glitter or Confetti

For this simple balloon decoration, all you need are clear balloons and some confetti or glitter.

Simply add the confetti or glitter to your balloons, inflate them, and you’ll have a fun, decorative display that’s great for any party.

3. Create a Garland

If you order custom balloons with an image, logo, or name displayed on them, you’ll want to choose a formation that lets you show it off.

A balloon garland is an easy choice.

All you’ll need is some string, a needle, and your custom balloons. Once your balloons are inflated, poke a hole in the extra balloon at the end of where you tie them off. Poke your string through that hole, and keep adding balloons to the string.

If you’re using plain balloons, skip the helium so that they hang downwards. If you choose custom balloons, add helium so your message is displayed right-side up.

4. Make Them Glow

If you’re hosting a party at night, add a pop of light and color to your balloons by adding glow sticks before you inflate them.

This is great for kids and adults alike. They can help illuminate a dark space or be given out as fun party favors.

5. Build a Balloon Column

Large, stand-alone balloon structures are easy to build but look like expensive decorations.

To build your own balloon column, start by tying four balloons together by their ties. Use string to do so, and leave a long tail. You can also purchase a balloon arch kit which is a popular item for weddings and other outdoor events.

Continue tying groups of four balloons together. Then, stack the formations, and tie them together with the loose tails of string.

Make sure you don’t use helium for your column, or it may float away!

Choosing the right balloon decorations for your next party

No matter which of these great balloon decorations you choose for your next party, you’ll end up with a fun decoration that you guests will rave about!

If you’re ready to build your own balloon decor, you’ll need to start by buying some fun, colorful, or custom balloons. Balloons Tomorrow is your one-stop-shop for all of your balloon needs!

Self Sealing Foil Mylars

All of our 18 inch foil mylar balloons come with a self sealing valve. The valve is attached inside the balloon so that there is no tying or sealing required and you can refill the balloon repeatedly for weeks and months.

So when you are ordering a foil mylar balloon or a custom printed foil mylar balloon, be sure to ask if there is a self sealing valve included.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

What is the proper amount of money to spend on a wedding gift?

For a wedding today you should plan on spending a minimum for $50 -$75 or more depending on your relationship with the bride and groom. For sure you should not spend less than $35 unless you want to be considered a cheap skate.

And don’t be one of those people who don’t give a gift. If you go to the wedding buy a gift, or don’t go.

Now, I have a rule that I use for second marriages and weddings. I don’t like going to second weddings, because the second wedding may be the second of many weddings. And I already bought one of you a gift for the first wedding and I am not buying you another gift for the second, third or fourth wedding. Now people may argue that if it’s the bride’s first wedding, but the groom’s second wedding shouldn’t you buy a gift? Too, bad, if you are the bride, you already knew what you were getting with the groom already being married once. He’s not getting another gift from me. So I usually avoid these weddings because I don’t agree. Now if the spouse is deceased, then that’s another matter.

And if you go to the bridal registry, buy a place setting of dishes, or silverware. If there is a spatula for $10, buy a few more items closer to the $35-$50-$75 or more range.

Now recently, I had a wedding invite and the bride and groom boldly asked for money for a trip to Mexico and wanted people to pay with Paypal, I am not making this stuff up. I said are you kidding me? Why don’t I just give you my credit card and you spend whatever you want?

Fresh Air For Our Staff

Balloons Tomorrow deals with a lot of air, after all, we are a direct source of custom printed balloons, personalized napkins, custom mints, and imprinted campaign buttons.

In our printing facility, we deal with inks that stink until they are dried and cured. So for employee safety and product quality, we added a state-of-the-art air filtration system for our plant. This new air filtration system cycle over 60,000 cubic feet of air per hour.

So when we are printing custom printed balloons in our factory, you cannot smell a thing!. Our employees are happy and if we have a radon problem this system would keep the air quality high. Because we care about our staff and their well being, we keep the air fresh. This system pumps in fresh air and exchanges smelly air in a process that warms or cools the air as it comes into the building, thus saving on utility costs.

So when you order custom balloons, custom napkins, weddign balloons custom mints or button, you konw that you are dealuing with a company that cares about their staff.

Automatic Screen Washing Machine

Balloons Tomorrow has just updated a key part of the factory operation. Balloons Tomorrow has just finished the design and completion of an automatic silk screen washing machine for custom printed balloons.

The automatic silk screen washing machine will speed up the production of custom printed balloons and also make the work environment safer for the staff.

The silk screen is made for each custom printed balloon order. When a screen is finished, it is reclaimed in a wash out process that up until now was done by hand.

Now the screens for each personalized balloon order is washed out in about one minute and completely dried and ready for use for another custom printed balloon order.

Now, I suppose we can make one for any type of high volume screen printing operation. Now the automatic screen washer is designed for our screens, we can custom build one for your business too. Machine building is not our main business, but I have one of the best mechanical engineers on the planet. So call us today and see if we can help you stream line your operation and keep your employees safe from the back splash and fumes from silk screen cleaning.

Balloons Tomorrow is always updating it’s operation to maintain it’s lead in the production of custom balloons, personalized balloons, printed balloons, imprinted napkins, designable campaign buttons, and custom printed mints.


How Much Helium Does a Helium Balloon Need?

Helium balloons will float because of the fact that helium is lighter than air. When filling a helium balloon you should know how much helium you need for the quantity of balloons you are ordering.

The most common size of helium balloon is the 12 inch. The 12 inch balloon will inflate to the size of a basketball. This 12 inch balloon will require about 1/2 cubic foot of helium per balloon. So if you have 250 12 inch balloons you will need about 125 cubic feet of helium. The 10 inch balloon is slightly smaller and will require about 1/3 a cubic foot of helium. So just multiply 1/3 or .3 by the number of balloons and that will give you the amount of helium you need for your helium balloons. So if you have 500 10 inch balloons, multiply 500 times .3 cubic feet and you get 150 cubic feet of helium needed.

How To Order Custom Balloons

When ordering custom balloons, here’s a few things to keep in mind:

1)Size: Choose the correct balloon size for your needs. The 12 inch balloon is the most popular size and fulfill most party balloon requirements, while 10 inch balloons may be better suited for use in balloon drop nets. Balloon decorations and table centerpieces can call for multiple sizes of custom printed balloons. To determine which personalized balloon size you need, consider the size of the venue, how the printed balloons will be used, and your budget. Thinking about these three things will help you select the correct balloon size.

2)Color: Choose a good contrasting balloon color and ink color combination for custom printed balloons. Use white or lighter inks on darker colored balloons and black ink or dark ink on lighter colored balloons. The importance in color selection is creating contrast while remaining true to the color theme of your event. Greater contrast results in logos, messages, or pictures that stand out on your personalized balloons, while the lack of contrast creates the opposite effect.

3)Layout: Choose a bold layout or image for your printed balloons. Because balloons are round, use a layout that is symmetrical, or one that is as wide as it is tall for best results. Here are two examples:

Happy Joe’s Pizza Parlor, Davenport, Iowa.

Although appropriate for letters and text, this copy is very long and will not show well on a custom printed balloon. Instead, here’s a better way:

Happy Joe’s

Pizza Parlor

Davenport, Iowa

By considering these things you be able to make a more effective and interesting personalized balloon. Still unsure about how your printed balloon looks? Worried that the end result won’t look right? Don’t worry, BalloonsTomorrow.com will send you a proof, or confirmation image, for your approval before you are charged or a single balloon is printed.  And because each custom printed balloon is a walking billboard, we will make your copy as bold and big as possible.



How To Order Printed Wedding Balloons

When ordering printed wedding balloons, here are four things to keep in mind to help you order the ideal custom balloons for your special day:

1) Order only what you need. For most weddings, you will only need 250 balloons. Let’s say you want a bouquet of 12 balloons on each table and then several bouquets around the reception area. If you have 20 bouquets, that’s 240 balloons.

2) Order the correct balloon size for your wedding balloon. The best size is 12 inch. !2 inch balloons will give you a float time of 10-24 hours. If you need a longer float time, then I would use the 14 inch. You will get 24 hour float time. Personalized foil balloons have an even longer float life of 2-3 weeks.

3) Get the correct balloon color for your custom wedding balloon order. Call us for a free sample to make sure you get the color that you want. Sometimes an exact match is not possible, but don’t worry! BalloonsTomorrow.com has a selection of printed wedding balloon color choices that may not perfectly match, but should come close.

4) Choose the right ink color for you personalized wedding balloons. Lighter ink colors contrast well with darker colored balloons while darker ink colors should be used on lighter balloons. The ideal custom wedding balloon and ink colors will both boldly display your photo, message, or wedding information and fit into your overall wedding color palette.

Self Sealing Foil Mylar Balloons

All of our 18 inch custom printed foil mylar balloons are self sealing. This means you don’t have to tie or seal the balloon. It also means that you can refill the balloon indefinitely. As the balloon loses a little helium and gets wrinkled, you can give the balloon a few squirts of helium to top the balloon off and keep it looking fresh. Refilling the balloon gives your inflatable advertising the ability to last a long time in store displays or at sales while still looking great!

Now there is one important point to remember about the self sealing balloon. In order for the balloon to work properly you must tie the ribbon or string below the valve. If you tie the ribbon above the valve, the balloon will leak and you will not be able to refill the balloon. This may sound confusing, but when you see the valve on the mylar balloon, just be sure to tie the ribbon below the valve so you can use the valve again. Many balloons have a marking that indicates where to tie the ribbon.

These pointers will help keep your 18 inch custom mylar balloons looking great while staying afloat as long as you need them.

Automatic Screen Washing Machine

Because our custom balloon printing process uses silk screen for printing, we use many screens everyday. The screens are washed and cleaned over and over by hand.

So Zach, the operations manager and a friend, designed and built an automatic screen washing machine. The washer acts like a car wash, with the screens loaded on one end and coming out on the other end all clean and dry, ready for use.

The automatic washer saves time and water, and most importantly, is safer for the person cleaning the screens.