Automatic Silk Screen Washing Machine

Balloons Tomorrow has just updated a key part of the factory operation. Balloons Tomorrow has just finished the design and completion of an automatic silk screen washing machine for custom printed balloons.

The automatic silk screen washing machine will speed up the production of custom printed balloons and also make the work environment safer for the staff.

The silk screen is made for each custom printed balloon order. When a screen is finished, it is reclaimed in a wash out process that up until now was done by hand.

Now the screens for each personalized balloon order is washed out in about one minute and completely dried and ready for use for another custom printed balloon order.

Now, I suppose we can make one for any type of high volume screen printing operation. Now the automatic screen washer is designed for our screens, we can custom build one for your business too. Machine building is not our main business, but I have one of the best mechanical engineers on the planet. So call us today and see if we can help you stream line your operation and keep your employees safe from the back splash and fumes from silk screen cleaning.

Balloons Tomorrow is always updating it’s operation to maintain it’s lead in the production of custom balloons, personalized balloons, printed balloons, imprinted napkins, designable campaign buttons, and custom printed mints.