5 Great Balloon Decorations For Your Next Party

balloon decorationsBefore you purchase flowers, streamers, or ice sculptures for your next party or event, why not consider balloon decorations?

Extravagant, colorful, or classic balloon collections add a touch of whimsy to any setting.


A long-beloved staple of any children’s party, when balloons are added to grown-up events, they remind us of simpler times.

Plus, they’re often much less expensive than other types of decorations, like flowers or sculptures. If you’re thinking about adding balloons to your next party, check out these ideas that are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces!

1. Balloon Clouds

If you’re new to adding balloon decorations to your parties, it’s a good idea to start with something simple. A balloon cloud is a great choice.

Simply inflate a bunch of balloons, attach strings, and hang the strings from the ceiling with a bit of tape.

Don’t use helium. You want the balloons to hang down, not float. Tape the strings close together so that the balloons are bunched up in a cloud-like formation.

Around the edges of your group of balloons, use shorter strings, so that the rest of the strings are hidden from view.

Your ‘cloud’ will appear to hover in the air.

Arrange your cloud over a dinner table or a table of gifts for a fun, whimsical formation.

2. Add Glitter or Confetti

For this simple balloon decoration, all you need are clear balloons and some confetti or glitter.

Simply add the confetti or glitter to your balloons, inflate them, and you’ll have a fun, decorative display that’s great for any party.

3. Create a Garland

If you order custom balloons with an image, logo, or name displayed on them, you’ll want to choose a formation that lets you show it off.

A balloon garland is an easy choice.

All you’ll need is some string, a needle, and your custom balloons. Once your balloons are inflated, poke a hole in the extra balloon at the end of where you tie them off. Poke your string through that hole, and keep adding balloons to the string.

If you’re using plain balloons, skip the helium so that they hang downwards. If you choose custom balloons, add helium so your message is displayed right-side up.

4. Make Them Glow

If you’re hosting a party at night, add a pop of light and color to your balloons by adding glow sticks before you inflate them.

This is great for kids and adults alike. They can help illuminate a dark space or be given out as fun party favors.

5. Build a Balloon Column

Large, stand-alone balloon structures are easy to build but look like expensive decorations.

To build your own balloon column, start by tying four balloons together by their ties. Use string to do so, and leave a long tail. You can also purchase a balloon arch kit which is a popular item for weddings and other outdoor events.

Continue tying groups of four balloons together. Then, stack the formations, and tie them together with the loose tails of string.

Make sure you don’t use helium for your column, or it may float away!

Choosing the right balloon decorations for your next party

No matter which of these great balloon decorations you choose for your next party, you’ll end up with a fun decoration that you guests will rave about!

If you’re ready to build your own balloon decor, you’ll need to start by buying some fun, colorful, or custom balloons. Balloons Tomorrow is your one-stop-shop for all of your balloon needs!