Creating a Creative Trade Show Booth Design That Stands Out from the Rest

So you’ve found yourself in the position to design a trade show booth for the next trade show.

Not just any booth will stand out from the rest of your competition.

While making the perfect booth design shouldn’t be such a hassle, you need to consider the repercussions of having a lackluster setup.

Trade Shows Are Important

And, we know this.

Your mission at a trade show is to advertise yourself, promising a profitable strategy for your products or services.

Face the facts. On average, you will see a 66% increase in your profits when you hold a successful event. In the long run, this diminishes most marketing costs to meet a potential client face-to-face from $1,039 to $96.

That’s incredible!

Where do we start?

In this article, we’re laying out the best strategy to plan an eye-catching, stand out trade show booth design in the venue, drawing in more customers.

It’s All About the Location

The location is always the key to any sort of marketing but to what extent?

A strategic mindset when placing a booth on the show floor is all the difference when considering foot traffic.

However, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t land the right spot. There’s always an opportunity to optimize any obscure area or corner in the room.

Build Up and Stand Tall

Place your dominance in the room by towering over your competition.

When you build up, you’ll need to pair the look with a functional, inquisitive theme.

A tall exhibit that pops with color and originality doesn’t just make you seen by everyone from any position but it makes you interesting.

From a psychological stance, incorporating the right colors into your set is a basic marketing tactic to draw more attention. Color holds an attention span of a viewer longer than a bland black and white set. Colorize keywords and designs to pull in an audience to your trade show exhibit.

Make Your Trade Show Booth Design Memorable

Now that you’ve brought people to your booth, study the layout and take advantage of the space you have.

The key is to expect use for every square inch of the surface you’re allotted to keep your audience intrigued or surprised during the show.

Be creative with your decorations by incorporating natural elements to contrast the bland space you’re in.

Not only that, have your visitors interact with your brand and product. You can achieve this by:

Invest in a Great Banner

A well-designed banner is an essential aspect to finishing your booth design.

When you make a clear and descriptive sign, all the potential clients have to do is skim what you have on the banner to gather their attention. Not only does having a great banner attract passing foot traffic, hanging one from the ceiling can keep your brand visible at any angle.

Maybe you don’t need to advertise from above? Don’t worry! There is an array of different designs from a table top, pop-up, and podium displays to help you stick out.

Need More Booth Design Ideas?

No worries. We have professionals standing by to help you make the best booth design for your upcoming trade show.

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