Extend the Lifetime of Your Balloons

Custom balloons are the perfect addition to a party or corporate event. Children and adults alike love balloons, but nobody likes when they deflate! Here are some simple tricks you can use to get the most from your custom balloons:

Know your venue– The lifetime of your balloons will be determined by where they are placed. Be mindful of air conditioners and heat vents. When balloons are exposed to extreme weather, cold or hot, it will start to lose air.

Blow it up– This may sound silly, but one of the main reason’s balloons deflate quickly is because they are not blown-up to full capacity. The standard balloon size is 12-inches and will float for about 12 hours – 24 hours, depending on certain conditions. Be sure to fully inflate your balloons to get the longest float-time. When the 12-inch balloon is fully inflated it is about the size of a large basketball. A fully inflated balloon should have a bulging neck. When inflating balloons some of them are going to pop, that is okay. If you are not popping some balloons you are most likely under-inflating the balloon!

make your balloons float longer

Mylar balloons– If you really want your balloons to last a long time consider purchasing mylar balloons. Mylar balloons are made of polyethylene, terephthalate or nylons. These manufactured materials have a special coating that makes the exterior of balloons look like foil. It also provides insulation and keeps the air in the balloon longer.

Mylar balloons are also a great option if you or anyone at yourevent have latex allergies. For quality custom Mylar balloons visit, Balloons Tomorrow.

Hi-Float– The final method to extend balloon float-time is to add Hi-Float to the inside of your custom printed balloons. Before inflating your balloon with helium, inject a pre-measured amount of Hi-Float into the inside of the balloon. Hi-Float is a nontoxic liquid solution that helps keep the helium inside the balloon. The Hi-Float treated balloon seals the inside of the personalized latex balloon and increases the float time from 12-24 hours to 1-2 weeks!

Balloons Tomorrow can help with your custom party needs! From napkins, color changing mood cups, candy, and custom balloons we have it all! Visit our website to see how we can make your next event your best!