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Wedding Balloon Colors

The most popular wedding balloon color choices for brides tend to be the metallic and pearlized colors. Although many brides will order standard and decorator balloon colors such as white, purple, periwinkle, etc… the shiny finish of the metallic and pearls seem to be the more desired choice for custom printed wedding balloons. Here are your choices… Read more »


Balloons Tomorrow has added the popular buttermints to the choices available for custom printed candies. Personalized buttermints are great for weddings, birthdays and business candy. The buttermints can be packaged in quantities as low as 250. Each custom printed candy wrapper has your special message printed on the wrapper. The wrapper keeps the personalized mints… Read more »

Cool Air Inflator

If you want to save money on helium, you can use regular air instead. The balloons will stay inflated longer when filled with air, but they, of course, will not float. You can buy compressed air or nitrogen or you can use a Cool Air Inflator Brand Machine. This cool air inflator uses electricity to provide continuous… Read more »

Food Safe Ink on Printed Napkins

When you order your custom printed napkins, make sure the company is using food safe ink. We at use and recommend food safe inks. Food safe inks should be used when printing on napkins because napkins come in contact with food and humans. One downside to using food safe ink is that the image printed… Read more »

Imprinted Birthday Banners

Imprinted birthday banners are an inexpensive way to add flare and fun to your next birthday event. We recommend birthday banners printed on Tyvex material. The Tyvex banner allows us to print your special birthday greeting in four colors, giving you a brilliant, colorful banner. We can print four color photographs on the Tyvex birthday… Read more »

18 Inch Foil Balloons

18 inch foil balloons, sometimes called Mylar, are used when you need a long lasting balloon or display so they are great for advertising balloons. The term Mylar is a registered trademark of the DuPont corporation and foil balloons are really not made of Mylar but of printed polyester. The 18 inch foil balloon can… Read more »

Balloon Drop Net

What is a Balloon Drop Net? A balloon drop net is a plastic mesh net bag or tube, that is used to hold air-filled latex balloons with the idea that these air-filled balloons will be dropped onto an area to create fun and excitement. If you have ever been to or watched a political convention,… Read more »

Helium Balloons

Helium balloons became very popular after World War Two. During the war, there was a shortage of rubber or latex that was needed to produce items to help the war effort. Helium balloons were popular before the war, but there was an entire generation of kids that had not experienced helium balloons due to the… Read more »

Personalized Mints Make An Affordable Promotion

After 25 years of helping people promote their business with logo balloons, it was natural to add personalized mints or logo business candy to our product mix. Custom mints with a company logo are an affordable way for car dealers, real estate, and insurance offices to promote their business. For just pennies each, restaurants and… Read more »

Custom Napkins

We just added custom napkins to the Balloons Tomorrow product mix. It was after discussions with our customer service reps had informed me that they were getting lots of request for custom napkins when customers were ordering custom balloons. So after a little thought we added custom napkins to our product mix. My only stipulation… Read more »