Wedding Balloon Colors

The most popular wedding balloon color choices for brides tend to be the metallic and pearlized colors. Although many brides will order standard and decorator balloon colors such as white, purple, periwinkle, etc… the shiny finish of the metallic and pearls seem to be the more desired choice for custom printed wedding balloons.

Here are your choices for metallic balloons in the 12 inch size:

Metallic Red, Metallic Purple, Metallic Blue, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Green, Metallic Silver, Metallic Black, Metallic Copper, and Metallic Gold. Metallic Gold and Silver are by far the most popular of the metallic colors.

Here are your choices for pearlized balloons in the 12 inch size:

Pearl Light Green, Pearl Light Blue, Pearl Lavender, Pearl White, Pearl Peach, and Pearl Light Pink.