Creating The Fun Baby Shower Experience

Baby Shower BalloonsBaby shower balloons are one way to create a fun baby shower experience for all. We’ve got all the reasons you need balloons the next time the stork drops by.


Balloons are a classic decoration and they have adorned generations of baby showers.

Balloons are inexpensive and festive and can add a whimsical flourish to any baby shower, not to mention a pop of color and that childhood party feel.

But if you don’t know how to incorporate baby shower balloons into your event, look no further. Whether you opt for helium filled balloons or not, here are three of the best ways to use baby shower balloons.

Embrace the balloon

With a little creativity, baby shower balloons can become the focal point of the day and can help to enhance the theme.

Of course, you can find balloons in all kinds of different characters. You would be hard pressed to find a theme that didn’t already have a ready-made balloon that matched.

But baby shower balloons are also a great opportunity to try your hand at some Do It Yourself decorations.

One cute idea is to have a hot air balloon theme. All you need to create your own hot air balloons are some baskets, balloons, and string. Tie the balloons to the baskets and viola! Hot air balloons!

You can use your hot air balloons for centerpieces or hold things like silverware.

Add a little sparkle to your baby shower balloons by rolling one end of the balloon in a thin layer of glue and then dip in glitter.

Another idea is a balloon garland, which is a versatile decorating option that can be used to complement any baby shower theme.

Baby shower balloon games

Another great use for baby shower balloons is for games. Here are a few of our favorites!

  • When will mommy pop? Give everyone an inflated balloon and have them race to see who can pop their balloon first. To make this game harder, you can make the rule that you can’t use tools (forks, pins, scissors, etc.). Or even go handless and laugh as everyone tried to sit on their balloon or pin it against a wall!
  • How big is the belly? This game is reminiscent of your childhood favorite of guessing how many gumballs are in the jar. Have the mother to leave the room and see who can blow up their balloon closest to the size of her belly.
  • The baby name game: If the baby name has already been announced, this can be a fun game for guests. Write names on balloons before they are blown up and let everyone pick a balloon as they arrive. Only one of the balloons will have the baby’s name on it and whoever picked that balloon wins. Be as tricky as you want! Maybe the first name is correct on a few baby shower balloons, but the middle name isn’t!

Picture perfect

If mom and dad had a maternity shoot, this is the perfect opportunity to show off those pictures.

You will need physical prints of the pictures, string, and helium filled balloons. Tie the pictures to the baby shower balloons with different lengths of string and let them loose during the baby shower.

Guests will have a blast tracking down every last picture as they bump along throughout the baby shower.

Or you can put the pictures right on the balloons themselves with custom printed photo balloons!

No matter how you decide to use baby shower balloons, it’s sure to add a little pop to your decorations.

5 Great Balloon Decorations For Your Next Party

balloon decorationsBefore you purchase flowers, streamers, or ice sculptures for your next party or event, why not consider balloon decorations?

Extravagant, colorful, or classic balloon collections add a touch of whimsy to any setting.


A long-beloved staple of any children’s party, when balloons are added to grown-up events, they remind us of simpler times.

Plus, they’re often much less expensive than other types of decorations, like flowers or sculptures. If you’re thinking about adding balloons to your next party, check out these ideas that are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces!

1. Balloon Clouds

If you’re new to adding balloon decorations to your parties, it’s a good idea to start with something simple. A balloon cloud is a great choice.

Simply inflate a bunch of balloons, attach strings, and hang the strings from the ceiling with a bit of tape.

Don’t use helium. You want the balloons to hang down, not float. Tape the strings close together so that the balloons are bunched up in a cloud-like formation.

Around the edges of your group of balloons, use shorter strings, so that the rest of the strings are hidden from view.

Your ‘cloud’ will appear to hover in the air.

Arrange your cloud over a dinner table or a table of gifts for a fun, whimsical formation.

2. Add Glitter or Confetti

For this simple balloon decoration, all you need are clear balloons and some confetti or glitter.

Simply add the confetti or glitter to your balloons, inflate them, and you’ll have a fun, decorative display that’s great for any party.

3. Create a Garland

If you order custom balloons with an image, logo, or name displayed on them, you’ll want to choose a formation that lets you show it off.

A balloon garland is an easy choice.

All you’ll need is some string, a needle, and your custom balloons. Once your balloons are inflated, poke a hole in the extra balloon at the end of where you tie them off. Poke your string through that hole, and keep adding balloons to the string.

If you’re using plain balloons, skip the helium so that they hang downwards. If you choose custom balloons, add helium so your message is displayed right-side up.

4. Make Them Glow

If you’re hosting a party at night, add a pop of light and color to your balloons by adding glow sticks before you inflate them.

This is great for kids and adults alike. They can help illuminate a dark space or be given out as fun party favors.

5. Build a Balloon Column

Large, stand-alone balloon structures are easy to build but look like expensive decorations.

To build your own balloon column, start by tying four balloons together by their ties. Use string to do so, and leave a long tail. You can also purchase a balloon arch kit which is a popular item for weddings and other outdoor events.

Continue tying groups of four balloons together. Then, stack the formations, and tie them together with the loose tails of string.

Make sure you don’t use helium for your column, or it may float away!

Choosing the right balloon decorations for your next party

No matter which of these great balloon decorations you choose for your next party, you’ll end up with a fun decoration that you guests will rave about!

If you’re ready to build your own balloon decor, you’ll need to start by buying some fun, colorful, or custom balloons. Balloons Tomorrow is your one-stop-shop for all of your balloon needs!

Ring in the New Year with a Balloon Drop!

There is nothing more exciting than counting down the seconds until the New Year begins!  Whether you’re in New York freezing to death and watching the “ball” drop or at your own party, it’s great fun to see things falling from above when the clock strikes midnight.   Check out this video! Balloon Drop

All you need for this is a balloon drop net kit from Balloons Tomorrow, and a few hooks and you can do a balloon drop of any size pretty much any where!  3-M makes those great hooks that come off without marring your walls and they are just right for attaching your net to the wall in a cove ceiling.  You can also use the hooks that come with the kit if you are under a drop ceiling (the kind with those metal frames that the tiles fit in).  The kit contains the net, the line to open the net and let the balloons fall out and the connectors to customize the size of your drop net.  We only used a fourth of the small net for our drop since we were in our home, but we may use the rest of the net for another event in the future (New Year’s happens every year in case you didn’t notice).  A balloon drop would also be great for a surprise party–imagine the look on their face when all the balloons start falling as they come through the door!!


Balloon Drop Net filled and ready to hang.

Allow about an hour for every 100 balloons you drop and make sure you plan ahead–you can blow the balloons up way in advance if you hand-tie them (3-4 days ahead) because since they are filled with air, they don’t change very quickly.  The balloons in the net are very light and easy to lift, but a little awkward if you are trying to hang by yourself, so have a buddy help you.  Use the cool air inflator or hand pump from Balloons Tomorrow to make the inflation really easy and hand tie your balloons if you can.  Otherwise use the safe-tite discs to seal the balloons.  Then when you have the net full of the balloons, hang in its desired location and follow the instructions for releasing the balloons at the big moment.

Warm Weather Festivities

As winter comes to an end,  the weather is getting warmer and the outdoor festivities are getting closer.  Many of you have family gatherings and parties coming up soon and you may be looking for fun party decorations or party favors for your event. Balloons are a great idea for any party!  Have you ever been to an event that had balloons and not had a smile on your face? Whether you are planning a small get-together or a large corporate event in the park… custom printed balloons and other items are sure to make your event a SUCCESS!

Balloons are a great way to get draw attention to your event and make sure that everyone knows where they should go to have a good time! There are many different routes that you can take with ordering balloons for your celebration. You can get custom printed balloons with a logo or phrase, or just plain balloons in an assortment of vivid colors. Which ever way you decide to go will be a good decision and will surely make your special occasion one to remember.


Under Construction

What do you serve at a construction themed birthday party? Why dirt & construction cones of course! What a fun spin on pudding with crushed chocolate cookies and candy corns. Put your noggin to work and think about what you can call your treats that would fit your theme. Nuts & bolts = peanuts & pretzel sticks. I love the fun little signs for the food too. Some of the food was even served right out of the back of a dump truck. And of course every birthday party needs a cake and this one didn’t disappoint. A chocolate construction cake complete with “dirt” and little trucks.

Everything had its own little special touch – it was fun just to look around and see all the little details that really brought this party together into a 3 year olds dream birthday. The water bottles had fun little labels, the sign on the door letting us know we were entering a construction area, and the personalized napkins and balloons from Balloons Tomorrow really made this into a fun event.

Nothing was overlooked in the planning, look at this – real construction plans covering the tables! A brilliant idea! And what better way to anchor your balloons to the table than a handful of tools (cheap & easy). Toy construction trucks also adorned the tables but it didn’t take long for the little ones to realize this and soon many of them were being zoomed around the floor by laughing boys & girls.

Stay tuned to hear more about the fun activities that were planned for the little ones (& big ones) at the party.

Construction Zone Ahead

My family was recently invited to the birthday party of little 3 year old who is very much into everything “boy” these days. What better way than to celebrate his birthday than with construction equipment and much yellow & black decorations?!

I was aware of some of the details of the party prior to our arrival but I was so anxious to see how everything came together and let me tell you – I was blown away! Everything looked fabulous and a little boy’s dream (or in some cases a big boy’s dream too)! The party took place in the perfect “man cave” – a large shed that was loaded with tools & equipment which was a great backdrop for the event. Signs & flags noted the “construction area” and were a great way to keep the kids somewhat corralled and out of most of the real equipment though the kids had a blast playing on the Gator & skid loader!

Balloons Tomorrow did a wonderful job on this large banner and I hear the birthday boy really liked it! It turned out to be the perfect backdrop at the food station which was loaded (pun intended) with toy construction trucks – diggers & dump trucks galore. Balloons Tomorrow also was the source of the black & yellow plates and cups and they printed up some super cute napkins with bulldozers on them. Black utensils were placed in a toolbox (how cute?!) which was a perfect fit – it’s little details like this that really build a successful event. Yellow & black balloons were everywhere and were the perfect touch to the large party space and of course there were enough for child to take home a couple when they left.

I am just going to whet your appetite with this post  – stay tuned for part two to hear what kind of yummy foods were served that suited both young & old and to see the fun activities that were planned for the kiddos (though I caught a few moms & dads having some fun too!).

Halloween Snacks

A Halloween post in November?! Yep, that’s right. I am a planner but you know, some things just happen very last minute around our house. Early in October I had decided I wanted to make some fun treats for my son’s Halloween party then I thought “nah, I’ll just forget it” well then the night before Halloween I decided “what the heck”. Luckily these 2 treats were super fast & very easy to whip up and of course the end product was too cute. Both of these treats are perfect for goodie bags – kids AND adults will love them (trust me)!


Peanut Butter Ghosts

Ingredients: peanut shaped peanut butter sandwich cookies, white almond bark, & mini chocolate chips

Directions: melt the almond bark (I did mine in the microwave), dip 2/3 of the cookies into the melted almond bark, place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, add 2 chocolate chips for eyes.

Peanut Butter Ghosts


Ingredients: bag of clementines

Directions: draw fun, scary, or goofy faces on the clementines with a permanent marker



And as a bonus why not feed your kids spiders! That is what my husband thought anyway. He cleverly put dried spaghetti through a sliced up hot dog and boiled them – spaghetti spiders – only to have our 2 year old respond “me no like spiders”.

spaghetti spiders


Up, Up and Away

A handful of years ago I went to my cousins wedding and witnessed a balloon release for the first time. It was so neat and unique. It was only until recently that I learned that balloon releases are for more than just weddings and that there is quite a bit to learn about the balloon releasing process.

Did you know that latex balloons are 100% biodegradable? It’s true. What this means is that when a balloon is released and it falls back to earth it will decompose around the same rate as an oak leaf. And ideally balloon releases are done with no ribbon, strings, or the sort attached to the balloon since many of these do not decompose and may pose harm to animals when they return to the ground. Now I know not everyone would care about this aspect of balloon releases so it is recommended if you want a tie on your balloon that you go with a cotton string or raffia. Another important thing to consider is if there are any laws in your area regarding balloon releases, this is especially important if you plan on releasing a large amount of balloons or if you will be doing your release near an airport.

Balloon releases can be done for a wide variety of reasons. Celebrations such as a wedding is an obvious one but balloon releases are also frequently done at a memorial for a loved one. And more recently they have become a popular way for couples to reveal the gender of their baby. For whatever reason you chose to do a balloon release I encourage you to take a little extra time to read this document and  consider the end result of this beautiful event.

photo taken by Denise White

Holidays: Ghostly Goodness

Like many others my mind is in full orange & black mode this month – I can’t stop thinking about Halloween! More specifically I am thinking about how I can decorate our house for those little ghosts & goblins that will be visiting at the end of the month. When I stumbled upon this ghostly project I knew that it would be perfect for our house adding a little touch of the holiday here and there.


  • Cheese cloth
  • Liquid starch (found in the detergent aisle) or starch paste (corn starch + water)
  • Styrofoam balls or balloons
  • Something to balance the balls on – I used glasses of various sizes
  • Plastic sheeting (to protect your work surface)

    supplies – corn starch paste vs. liquid starch

I tried 2 different methods* of this project – one using liquid starch and one using a paste I made. If you choose to make your own paste you will need to mix approximately 2 ¼ cups (give or take) of water with 1 cup of corn starch, mix, & microwave for about 2 minutes stirring frequently until it is like a thick pudding. If using liquid starch just pour it into a bowl.

Plan out the height of your ghosts by placing your Styrofoam balls on tops of glasses – I found it helpful to stack some glasses for my larger ghosts. Cut the cheese cloth to the desired length – drape over the forms to find out house much to use.

my ghost forms (go Twins!)

Submerge the cheese cloth into the starch working the starch into the cloth. Take out of the starch and open the cheese cloth (the cloth is delicate at this point and may tear – be gentle). Drape over your forms and adjust the cloth to your liking. I did 2 layers of cloth per ghost for a little more dimension. Let sit over night or until firm (if you made your own starch this may take closer to 24 hours for everything the dry).

Take off your form and you are done! Yay!

ghost family

You can feel free to add eyes made out of felt or construction paper if you wish. These are so fun to place around the house. I will be putting my 2 large ones outside on Halloween but right now we are enjoying them indoors. You may even consider making some mini ones and stringing them into a garland or how about hanging them from the ceiling with fishing line to give the impression that they are floating in the air?! Or how about putting a glow stick or little flameless candle under them?! These would be a great addition to any Halloween party as decorations or as a party favor. Let me know if you try these out – I would love to see how you spook up your party!


*I found the liquid starch to be much easier to work with! Though the homemade starch seemed to set a lot firmer than the liquid.




Birthdays: Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Two years ago my son came into this world and changed my life forever. I love him more than I ever thought possible. One of my (many) goals as a mother is to make sure that he has an enjoyable birthday (whether he remembers it or not). I spent quite a bit of time planning his first birthday but this September was much busier and I didn’t have quite as much free time to prepare AND we decided not to do a big birthday party but instead would celebrate as a small family and would help B celebrate at daycare as well.

We decided that the perfect treat for those at his small daycare would be ice cream cone cupcakes. I vaguely remember having these as a child either at my own party or someone else’s. They are super easy to make, would be something we could make a couple of days beforehand and they were also easy enough for a 2 year old to help with. B enjoyed dumping in the ingredients as well as licking the spoon and what little kid doesn’t like dumping sprinkles onto a cake?!

Thinking about the steps in making these cupcakes there are a couple of challenges to work around. We opted for the standard size of ice cream cones and thought B would enjoy a funfetti cake mix. We filled the cones 2/3 full of cake batter and then placed the cones on a mini muffin tin – they fit perfectly. CAREFULLY I put the pan into the oven and let them bake for about 20 minutes. Taking them out of the oven was almost more of a challenge than putting them in – but the made it out safely. After cooling I frosted them and let little B put sprinkles on each one.

And you are done! OH WAIT! How am I going to transport these?!?! Not an easy thing if you think about it.  A simple Google search will result in a plethora of ideas told by those that have braved these ice cream cone cupcakes in the past. We chose to transport these via a tin foil lasagna pan which was the perfect size for 12 cupcakes. Originally I had planned on cutting circles out of the bottom of the pan the size of the bottoms of the cones but that proved to be more difficult that I wanted it to be. So instead I cut a simple “X” for each cone and folded back the tabs – super easy. The cones fit in there great without wiggling around. The kids at daycare gave them rave reviews and somehow none of the extras made it home.

These were definitely fun & quick to make for a busy mom like myself. They didn’t take too much time and too much planning and you could definitely decorate them as simple or extravagant as you like – oh and did I mention how fun they are to eat?! Enjoy!


  • Ice cream cones
  • Cake mix
  • Frosting
  • Sprinkles
  • Mini muffin tin
  • Tin foil lasagna pan



  • Mix up your cake batter.
  • Spoon batter into the cones until they are 2/3 full.
  • Bake at 350 for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Cool completely before decorating.