Party Details You Shouldn’t Forget

Party details to remember The holiday season is quickly approaching which means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas celebrations will soon be underway. When planning a party there are many different details that must be included. Be sure not to leave these items off your checklist this holiday season!

Here are a few essential items you need to remember:

Toiletries/Restroom access- No matter how big or small your party is, your guests will definitely have to use the restroom. If you are having a substantially large party , be sure that the venue can accommodate their restroom needs. The last thing your guests want to do is be at a packed party with only one bathroom available. Be sure to keep the restrooms fully stocked with extra supplies in an easy to access location.

Napkins– This may seem like a small detail, but it is something that is often overlooked. After your guests have enjoyed delicious finger food or a luxurious dinner, don’t make them wipe their hands on their coattails! Be sure to order more than enough napkins because you will need them!

Themed Décor– Whether you’re throwing a Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving party, you need to have decorations to create a cohesive theme.

Party Favors– If you want your party to be specially memorable, be sure to gift them with a simple party favor as they leave. A party favor bag may contain a small bottle of champagne, custom printed sunglasses, custom printed buttons,

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