Planning Your Valentine’s Day Party

Valentine’s Day is the day of the year when we emphasize the ones we love, more specifically that special person in your life. For event planners, this is the perfect time to begin planning your party for this romantic holiday.

Here are a few ideas for planning your Valentine’s Day party:

Establish a venue

One of the first steps to planning a  party is to establish the venue. Before you can do this, first decide how many people will be attending. This will give you an idea of how large a venue you will need. Once you have established the size of the party begin by booking a location.

Set a Theme

After establishing the venue be sure to create a cohesive theme for your party which will be translated through the decorations, invitations, and music. Here are some fun  themes for Valentine’s Day parties:

Sadie Hawkins Dance- This classic theme is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Take your guests back to the classic days of high school dances.

Lonely Hearts Dance- This is perfect for single people looking to find that special someone.

Game of Hearts Dance- Make this a matchmaking game with game cards designed to pair people together.

Decorations, Decorations & More Decorations

Be sure to follow through with your theme by using decorations to bring the party to life. Consider using heart-shaped balloons, streamers, red tablecloths, and other romantic décor.

Dance the Night Away

Be sure to liven up the party with music that will get your guests dancing. Since this is a Valentine’s Day party you should focus on romantic music geared towards couples. You can also incorporate energetic dance music for a good balance.

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