Ring in the New Year with a Balloon Drop!

There is nothing more exciting than counting down the seconds until the New Year begins!  Whether you’re in New York freezing to death and watching the “ball” drop or at your own party, it’s great fun to see things falling from above when the clock strikes midnight.   Check out this video! Balloon Drop

All you need for this is a balloon drop net kit from Balloons Tomorrow, and a few hooks and you can do a balloon drop of any size pretty much any where!  3-M makes those great hooks that come off without marring your walls and they are just right for attaching your net to the wall in a cove ceiling.  You can also use the hooks that come with the kit if you are under a drop ceiling (the kind with those metal frames that the tiles fit in).  The kit contains the net, the line to open the net and let the balloons fall out and the connectors to customize the size of your drop net.  We only used a fourth of the small net for our drop since we were in our home, but we may use the rest of the net for another event in the future (New Year’s happens every year in case you didn’t notice).  A balloon drop would also be great for a surprise party–imagine the look on their face when all the balloons start falling as they come through the door!!


Balloon Drop Net filled and ready to hang.

Allow about an hour for every 100 balloons you drop and make sure you plan ahead–you can blow the balloons up way in advance if you hand-tie them (3-4 days ahead) because since they are filled with air, they don’t change very quickly.  The balloons in the net are very light and easy to lift, but a little awkward if you are trying to hang by yourself, so have a buddy help you.  Use the cool air inflator or hand pump from Balloons Tomorrow to make the inflation really easy and hand tie your balloons if you can.  Otherwise use the safe-tite discs to seal the balloons.  Then when you have the net full of the balloons, hang in its desired location and follow the instructions for releasing the balloons at the big moment.

Under Construction

What do you serve at a construction themed birthday party? Why dirt & construction cones of course! What a fun spin on pudding with crushed chocolate cookies and candy corns. Put your noggin to work and think about what you can call your treats that would fit your theme. Nuts & bolts = peanuts & pretzel sticks. I love the fun little signs for the food too. Some of the food was even served right out of the back of a dump truck. And of course every birthday party needs a cake and this one didn’t disappoint. A chocolate construction cake complete with “dirt” and little trucks.

Everything had its own little special touch – it was fun just to look around and see all the little details that really brought this party together into a 3 year olds dream birthday. The water bottles had fun little labels, the sign on the door letting us know we were entering a construction area, and the personalized napkins and balloons from Balloons Tomorrow really made this into a fun event.

Nothing was overlooked in the planning, look at this – real construction plans covering the tables! A brilliant idea! And what better way to anchor your balloons to the table than a handful of tools (cheap & easy). Toy construction trucks also adorned the tables but it didn’t take long for the little ones to realize this and soon many of them were being zoomed around the floor by laughing boys & girls.

Stay tuned to hear more about the fun activities that were planned for the little ones (& big ones) at the party.

Construction Zone Ahead

My family was recently invited to the birthday party of little 3 year old who is very much into everything “boy” these days. What better way than to celebrate his birthday than with construction equipment and much yellow & black decorations?!

I was aware of some of the details of the party prior to our arrival but I was so anxious to see how everything came together and let me tell you – I was blown away! Everything looked fabulous and a little boy’s dream (or in some cases a big boy’s dream too)! The party took place in the perfect “man cave” – a large shed that was loaded with tools & equipment which was a great backdrop for the event. Signs & flags noted the “construction area” and were a great way to keep the kids somewhat corralled and out of most of the real equipment though the kids had a blast playing on the Gator & skid loader!

Balloons Tomorrow did a wonderful job on this large banner and I hear the birthday boy really liked it! It turned out to be the perfect backdrop at the food station which was loaded (pun intended) with toy construction trucks – diggers & dump trucks galore. Balloons Tomorrow also was the source of the black & yellow plates and cups and they printed up some super cute napkins with bulldozers on them. Black utensils were placed in a toolbox (how cute?!) which was a perfect fit – it’s little details like this that really build a successful event. Yellow & black balloons were everywhere and were the perfect touch to the large party space and of course there were enough for child to take home a couple when they left.

I am just going to whet your appetite with this post  – stay tuned for part two to hear what kind of yummy foods were served that suited both young & old and to see the fun activities that were planned for the kiddos (though I caught a few moms & dads having some fun too!).

Up, Up and Away

A handful of years ago I went to my cousins wedding and witnessed a balloon release for the first time. It was so neat and unique. It was only until recently that I learned that balloon releases are for more than just weddings and that there is quite a bit to learn about the balloon releasing process.

Did you know that latex balloons are 100% biodegradable? It’s true. What this means is that when a balloon is released and it falls back to earth it will decompose around the same rate as an oak leaf. And ideally balloon releases are done with no ribbon, strings, or the sort attached to the balloon since many of these do not decompose and may pose harm to animals when they return to the ground. Now I know not everyone would care about this aspect of balloon releases so it is recommended if you want a tie on your balloon that you go with a cotton string or raffia. Another important thing to consider is if there are any laws in your area regarding balloon releases, this is especially important if you plan on releasing a large amount of balloons or if you will be doing your release near an airport.

Balloon releases can be done for a wide variety of reasons. Celebrations such as a wedding is an obvious one but balloon releases are also frequently done at a memorial for a loved one. And more recently they have become a popular way for couples to reveal the gender of their baby. For whatever reason you chose to do a balloon release I encourage you to take a little extra time to read this document and  consider the end result of this beautiful event.

photo taken by Denise White

Featured Product: Photo Napkins

As I am constantly on the lookout for new products to use as décor in my home or for the perfect accessory for an event that will make people think “wow, that’s neat” I am reminded at how creative and clever people have gotten. A short search will reveal that people do what they can to personalize their home or party and even workplace – whether it be with a monogram, a photo, or a favorite color.

 In a previous post I featured the fabulous custom printed napkins that our very own Balloons Tomorrow can create. Well, did you know that they can also put photos on napkins?! It’s true – how neat does that sound –  photo napkins, the ultimate in personalization!

Think about the possibilities: birthdays, weddings, graduations, baby showers, engagements, sweet 16 – any milestone really. Or what about putting a picture of your new house on them and using them at a house warming party? Or a picture of your work place for a customer appreciation event or an anniversary celebration?

The napkins come in a huge variety of colors – I am very confident that you will find a color that will go great with your event and they come in 2 different sizes. Printing is done in either black or white and can either be printed square or slanted. You must check them out for your next gathering!

Custom Napkins

Do you have a memorable event coming up? Yes? Well then if you plan on having food at this event (or even just drinks) then you better plan on some napkins. Napkins are an easy way to help dress up your event and an easy way to add a pop of color and personalization to your food & beverage table.

Balloons Tomrrow is a great source for a wide range of napkins for your event. Think graduation napkins in your school colors, baby shower napkins with the baby’s birth stats on them, or wedding napkins with the wedding date to have out when your guests dig into that yummy cake! It shouldn’t be a problem to find a color to match your color scheme since Balloons Tomorrow has over 30 colors to choose from as well as 7 ink colors (yes – there are colors other than the standard silver we all know).  They also provide an alternative to napkins that have the hot foil stamp – they can instead silk screen your image onto the napkins!

Really the options are endless! Cocktail napkins or the slightly larger luncheon napkins, hot foil stamp or silk screened, black, white, purple, or blue – whatever you need Balloons Tomorrow is your go-to place.With very affordable prices and a quick turn around there really is no reason to look anywhere else!

Fast Balloons And Fed Ex

If you need your custom balloons fast, who are you gonna call? BalloonsTomorrow.com of course. But who is going to get you your custom balloons fast? FedEx of course.

BalloonsTomorrow.com uses FedEx exclusively to ship your custom balloons and custom napkins. FedEx is the most reliable shipper and that is why we use don’t use UPS or any other carrier. Here are the different types of shipping services FedEx uses:

1) FedEx Ground: arrives in one-three days. For time sensitive materials use various air services

2)FedEx Second Day Air: arrives the second business day by 5:00pm. For example, if your order of custom balloons ship on Monday, they will arrive Wednesday by 5:00pm

3) FedEx One Day Air: arrives the next business day by 5:00pm

4) FedEx Priority Overnight: arrives the next business day by 12:00 noon

5) FedEx Early One Day Air: arrives by 8:30 am the next business day.

6) Saturday Delivery: arrives on Saturday by 5:00pm. This is for packages that ship on Friday and that you need by Saturday or Sunday.

So when you need your custom balloons and custom napkins fast call BalloonsTomorrow.com, and then we’ll call FedEx to make sure your balloons get there on time.

Self Sealing Foil Mylars

All of our 18 inch foil mylar balloons come with a self sealing valve. The valve is attached inside the balloon so that there is no tying or sealing required and you can refill the balloon repeatedly for weeks and months.

So when you are ordering a foil mylar balloon or a custom printed foil mylar balloon, be sure to ask if there is a self sealing valve included.

Photoballoons No Minimum

If you need imprinted photo balloons with no minimum then you have come to the right place.

When I started the business, I wanted to give people what they want, and one thing they wanted was a low minimum. Why make people order 2,000 balloons when all they want is 25 custom photo balloons for a birthday party. So you can order 1-25 photo balloons and get free shipping, free set-up, and same day service when you need it most.

Custom printed photo balloons are great for birthday balloons, campaign balloons, anniversary balloons, wedding balloons, and retirement balloons.

Printed Balloons Wholesale

If you are looking for printed balloons wholesale, BalloonsTomorrow.com is your best source.

As a matter of fact, we make our own printed balloons in our own factory, that is why we are so stinking fast!. Many of the online sources buy their printed balloons from BalloonsTomorrow.com.

So when you need printed balloons, custom napkins, or imprinted mints and you need them fast, at wholesale prices, you know where to go.

When you buy your balloons wholesale, you get free art work, free set-up, free FedEx Ground shipping, and fast service.