Personalized Napkins

We just had a Twelfth Night Party. What is a Twelfth Night Party? I’ll tell you later. But the party was a big hit. We had custom printed balloons, a printed banner, and some personalized napkins. The custom banner was printed to mark our house so it was easy for guests to find our place. We also had some personalized balloons inflated and tied to the mail box. The inflated Mylar balloons are still floating, even though they were inflated over four weeks ago. Then we had some cool custom printed napkins. It was nice because we got to make our own design and use it on the imprinted balloons, custom banner, and personalized napkins. And it only took two days to get all the stuff. Cool!
As far as Twelfth Night goes. it is a celebration. The Twelfth Night is the twelfth night after Christmas, or January 6, which marks the end of the Christmas season. On this date, some Christians celebrate the Epiphany, or the arrival of the Three Kings (Magi or Wisemen) to worship the infant Jesus.