How To Increase Balloon Float Time Part 3

You can increase balloon float time by hand tying your balloon. You can get sealing devices like the Premium Balloon Seal, Quickie Clips, or the Balloon Disc, but hand tying is the best and least expensive method to seal your custom balloons. In the next blog I will talk about... Read more

How To Increase Balloon Float Time Part 2

In my last post, I discussed that proper inflation is the first key to increasing balloon float time. If you are buying a 12 inch balloon but only inflating to the size of a 10 inch balloon, then you should buy the 10 inch balloons and save yourself money. Also... Read more

How To Increase Balloon Float Time Part 1

People always ask for ways to increase balloon float time. I can first answer the question with a question. How long do you want or need the balloons to float? The answer to the question will determine the size of the balloon. The 12 inch is the most common balloon size and this... Read more

Most Popular Balloon Size

The most popular balloon size for parties is the 12 inch latex balloon. The 12 inch balloon is the most popular for wedding balloons, birthday balloons, personalized balloons and custom printed balloons. The 10 inch balloon is smaller but the float time is also shorter. We recommend 10 inch balloons... Read more

Fear of Balloons

The fear of balloons is called Globophobia. “Globos” is the Latin word for a spherical onject such as a balloon, globe, or ball. “Phobia” is a fear of something. My daughter has a Boston terrier named Brutus. Brutus is fascinated with round objects such as balloons and bubbles. So I would... Read more

The History of Balloons

A crude version of a rubber balloon was invented in London, England by Michael Faraday in 1824; it was inflated with hydrogen and used in his experiments. A similar version of the modern latex balloons of today were first manufactured in London, 1847, by J.G. Ingram but mass production did not... Read more

How Are Custom Balloons Printed?

I remember being amazed the first time I saw custom balloons being printed.  I had no idea that each balloon must be inflated before printing. Each balloon is inflated one by one and then silk screened. Because printed balloons are used inflated, the balloon must be inflated to almost full... Read more

Imprinted Birthday Banners

Imprinted birthday banners are an inexpensive way to add flare and fun to your next birthday event. We recommend birthday banners printed on Tyvex material. The Tyvex banner allows us to print your special birthday greeting in four colors, giving you a brilliant, colorful banner. We can print four color... Read more

Biodegradable Custom Balloons

Customers always ask for biodegradable balloons when ordering personalized balloons or custom printed balloons. All latex or rubber balloons are biodegradable because the latex balloon is made from the natural sap from a rubber tree. These rubber tree are carefully cultivated and sustained, just like maple trees. By taking care... Read more

How Latex Balloons Are Made

Latex or rubber balloons are made from the sap of rubber trees, which are carefully grown and cultivated in tropical areas like the rain forest. The rubber trees are carefully tapped much like a maple tree for it’s maple syrup. The latex trees are not destroyed but kept alive to... Read more