Napkin Etiquette

Here’s a little etiquette about napkins and folding napkins. When you are a guest at a friends house or at a restaurant this is what you do with a cloth napkin when you leave the table. 1) If you are leaving for good, you leave the napkin on the table.... Read more

Red Balloons

There is a song about red balloons, I don’t remember the artist or the exact title of the song, but we have lots of red balloons. We have red balloons in many sizes and shapes. Red balloons are available in bulk balloons or custom printed balloons.Red balloons is one of our most... Read more

Corporate Balloons

Balloons are great for any local or national promotion for a sale or product launch. Here’s a few examples of corporate uses of balloons. 1) Wireless providers use balloons for national promotions, sales, incentives and employee recognition. 2) Pharmaceutical companies uses foil mylar balloons for the launch of new drugs... Read more

Big Helium Balloons

We have balloons of all sizes. Our helium balloons come in sizes 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 17 inch, 24 inch , 36 inch, and 60 inch. The most popular helium balloon is the 12 inch. When I think of “big balloons”, I’m thinking of 24 inch,... Read more

The Best Red Velvet Birthday Cake Recipe

Here’s a secret recipe for the best red velvet birthday cake ever in the history of the world. This red velvet cake recipe is written by Brenda Kay of America. Brenda’s great grandmother made the best red velvet cake in the history of the world. Sift together 3-1/3 c. all... Read more

Banner Ideas

When I think of a custom banner, I always think of the banner in a horizontal manner, meaning the banner is longer than tall. A custom banner is hung over a room, or a booth at a  trade show or in front of a store or business. But here is another cool thing... Read more

Party Ideas for Grown Ups

We had a “pool party” for our dance friends. We all hung out around the pool, snacking and talking about everything. Ages of the party ranged for mid 30’s to people in their 80’s. So when we decided to get into the pool, I organized a game of Marco Polo.... Read more

Birthday Parties

Birthdays are big in our family. For one day you get to be King or Queen. We always try to make our grandchildren’s birthday parties special. Grandma makes a birthday crown out of cloth that the kids wear during their dinner. The birthday crown is made of cloth and each... Read more

Cheech and Chong

Here’s a party idea that I remember from listening to Cheech and Chong. As a kid growing up in the seventies and listened to 8 track cassette tapes of George Carlin, Bill Cosby and comedy duo Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. My brother and I listened to these cassettes often... Read more

Party Ideas for Grown Ups

Recently my wife Brenda and I had a party at our home for our dance friends. Brenda and I ballroom dance and after a big dance showcase, we had all our friends over for some food and fun. As an ice breaker we played this game called “Truth or Consequences.”... Read more