Wedding Gift Etiquette

What is the proper amount of money to spend on a wedding gift? For a wedding today you should plan on spending a minimum for $50 -$75 or more depending on your relationship with the bride and groom. For sure you should not spend less than $35 unless you want... Read more

Photoballoons No Minimum

If you need imprinted photo balloons with no minimum then you have come to the right place. When I started the business, I wanted to give people what they want, and one thing they wanted was a low minimum. Why make people order 2,000 balloons when all they want is... Read more

Wedding Invitation RSVP

Question: How far ahead should you send a wedding invitation? Answer: In my previous posts, I discussed the idea of 6 weeks to 2 months are proper amount of time for your guests to be prepared to attend a wedding. Question: When should guests RSVP? Answer: Guests should give notice... Read more

Printed Balloons Wholesale

If you are looking for printed balloons wholesale, is your best source. As a matter of fact, we make our own printed personalized balloons in our own factory, that is why we are so stinking fast!. Many of the online sources buy their printed balloons from So when... Read more

Fresh Air For Our Staff

Balloons Tomorrow deals with a lot of air, after all, we are a direct source of custom printed balloons, personalized napkins, custom mints, and imprinted campaign buttons. In our printing facility, we deal with inks that stink until they are dried and cured. So for employee safety and product quality,... Read more

Automatic Screen Washing Machine

Balloons Tomorrow has just updated a key part of the factory operation. Balloons Tomorrow has just finished the design and completion of an automatic silk screen washing machine for custom printed balloons. The automatic silk screen washing machine will speed up the production of custom printed balloons and also make the... Read more

Napkin Etiquette and Jesus

And the cloth, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself. John 20:7 In a previous post, we discussed when to fold a napkin. If you leave the table and intend to return, you leave the napkin bunched up... Read more

Party Invitation Etiquette

Invitation Etiquette 1) Type of Party: Birthday, wedding, baby shower, etc… 2) Name of Honoree: The birthday boy, the bride and groom, the mother to be for baby showers. 3) Day and Date of the party: Spell everything out. do not abbreviate days or months. Say: Friday the tenth day of... Read more

Wedding Thank You Note Etiquette

One thing that irritates me about brides and grooms is not getting a thank you note after a gift is sent. Let’s be honest, many times you are invited to a wedding just because you might give a gift. If you are not going to acknowledge a gift with a thank... Read more