I Scream, You Scream

We all scream for ICE CREAM! Ice cream is the perfect way to top off that summer party of yours – whether it’s a birthday party or just a barbeque ice cream is definitely a tasty treat. There are many ways to serve this delicious treat from cones to bowls to a GIANT banana split! How awesome would this be for your party?! I love how these kids look totally mesmerized by the seemingly endless amount of ice cream & toppings – I think I would be too.

GIANT banana split

Not that adventurous – or you don’t want to think about cleaning up after a giant banana split? You can still let your guests help themselves to ice cream but in the way of an ice cream sundae bar – a build your own sundae station. An easy dessert solution that doesn’t need a lot of planning and the topping ideas are endless.

ice cream sundae bar

Or how about letting the kids (or adults) make the ice cream with this crazy ice cream maker that you roll around like a ball? Seems easy enough and I bet the kids would have fun rolling this around knowing that they are making their yummy ice cream dessert!

ice cream ball

Ice cream is a great finale to your backyard barbecue or your summer birthday party – most people will come up with any excuse they can to indulge in this creamy dessert so why not make it a little fun and memorable.