How To Increase Balloon Float Time Part 1

People always ask for ways to increase balloon float time. I can first answer the question with a question. How long do you want or need the balloons to float? The answer to the question will determine the size of the balloon. The 12 inch is the most common balloon size and this balloon will float about 12 hours up to 24 hours. Sometimes they will last less than 12 hours, depending on certain conditions. Balloons exposed to extreme heat or placed in front of air conditioner ventilation ducts will have a lower float time than those kept in cooler environments.

The first thing to do to increase balloon float time is to inflate the balloon to the proper size. The 12 inch balloon that is fully inflated is about the size of a large basketball. Also the neck area should bulge a little and some of the balloons should pop. If you are not popping some balloons you are most likely under inflating the balloon. Under inflation will diminish the balloon float time.

There are other methods and things to do to increase float time that I will discuss in the next blog posting.