Artwork requirements for your custom printed and personalized balloons

custom balloon artwork specifications
When you place an order online for your custom printed item you will be provided with an opportunity to upload an image or picture or graphic file. Please note that there is a file size limit of 2mb.
We accept black and white camera ready vector art files in .eps, .ai (CS) .cdr (10.0) or .pdf. Vector art is comprised of many lines that make clean, smooth art and clean smooth imprint for screen-printing on balloons.

We can also print from .jpeg, .bmp(bitmap) or .tiff files that are black and white at 600 dpi. These files are best suited for Internet applications because they are made of pixels. When pixels are stacked together to form lines in art or fonts the edges are fuzzy because the corners of the boxes (pixels) do not make smooth lines. The image can/will appear “fuzzy” or “blurry” on the custom printed balloon. To test your art to see if it will print well, print out a copy on a black and white printer. If you see fuzzy edges on your printout, the image on the custom balloons will be fuzzy as well.

If your image has ½ tones or gradients (grey areas-shading) the imprint will not print as a solid print. There is an additional charge of $40(P).

Photographs should be scanned from the original photograph, and emailed in a .jpg or .tiff format. Pick photographs that are good quality, where the individual is captured in a clear (not blurry) photograph. Good contrast in the photograph will help set off the individual. Example: A baby picture where the subject has no hair and has a white blanket around their head and body will have a washed out look. A blonde-haired subject with a light background may appear washed out and it will be difficult to get good definition on their hair (it will become part of the balloon). A dark haired subject with a dark background will not have definition between their hair and the background 

Want to make certain your photo will print well on a personalized custom printed balloon? Please submit your photograph and we will let you know if it is a good candidate for photo balloons.

We must be able to fax you a proof of your emailed artwork to ensure we received it correctly. We are not responsible for any artwork errors without an approved faxed proof.
* For rush delivery see our Terms of Rush Service
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