A Simple Celebration

The month of birthday celebrations have begun here at our house. Since we all have our birthdays within a month of each other it is a bit fun for me to decorate our house with birthday items that aren’t too obnoxious to leave out for that whole month. Just a couple of hints of “birthday” here and there – they were super easy to do and anyone (creative or not – young or old) will have no problem adding these birthday touches to their home.

Subway art is an easy way to adorn your living room for an upcoming holiday. There are many websites that offer these for you to print yourself, some are free and some you have to pay for. My favorite for these free printable is Eighteen25 – you will find many here for whatever season or holiday you may need and they usually have a few color combinations to pick from as well. I downloaded the image and had it printed at our local Target but you could easily print them out on your home computer as well.

Birthday subway art

Many of you may be aware of the trend of the DIY wreath – make a wreath for any occasion out of things you may have around your house. When I was looking for a birthday wreath I discovered many styles but I decided on a balloon wreath which was super easy to make – so easy you could get your kids to help you! We hang this wreath on our door every year so that passers by know that there is a celebration going on inside. It’s fun and special for the one celebrating.

Balloon wreath

Enjoy these simple ways to celebrate and remember to high-five those celebrating and wish them the very best for the following year.