5 Super Fun Ideas for Kids on New Years Eve

Need some tips to entertain your little ones on NYE? These creative New Years Eve ideas for kids will not disappoint.

Ah, New Year’s Eve – a time to celebrate all things of the year past and ring in everything to come.

Many people treat the new year as an opportunity to take on something new or break a bad habit. Even more, think of this night as the ultimate booze binge.

In fact, TIME ranks it the number 1 drinking holiday.

What about when you have kids, though?

Family-friendly celebrations can still have a little champagne, but you have to include New Years Eve ideas for kids, too.

Don’t worry, we have five fun ideas everyone can enjoy together!

1. Make a Time Capsule

As the last day of the year approaches, talk to your little ones about what stood out this year.

Their mind might still be on the toys they got for Christmas or who came to visit for Thanksgiving, but something else should stick out. Maybe they graduated kindergarten or finally joined the double-digit age group.

Whatever they loved, try to find a photo of this moment in time. Or, help your kids write a note about their favorite experiences.

Then, put it away for safekeeping in a decorated shoe box or mason jar.

Tell them this is their special time capsule for the past year and the many to come.

You can repeat this tradition as they grow up – and it makes a great gift for future graduation parties!

2. Set Up a Photo Booth

Speaking of capturing moments, why not set up a photo booth?

DIY photo booths add character to any party.

You can establish a theme or just keep it to fun, silly masks and blurbs.

Either way, your kids will love making funny faces and getting in front of the camera. It gives the adults a different way to have fun, too.

3. Have a Balloon Drop

Are you planning to watch the ball drop on your TV screen?

Consider having a balloon drop to complete the experience!

An at-home balloon drop is easier to do than you might think. First things first, order your New Year’s Eve balloons ahead of time.

When you’re setting up the festivities, blow them all up and group them together. If you don’t have some netting, a plastic tablecloth will do. Attach the net to the ceiling then release everything when the clock strikes midnight!

4. Do a Mock Countdown

If you don’t think your little ones will last all night (or if you’d rather have them in bed), you can pretend it’s midnight.

This is one of the best New Years Eve ideas for kids because they can enjoy the action without ruining their sleep schedule.

Get all the adults to adjust every clock in the house around your children’s bedtime.

As “midnight” gets closer, celebrate like you normally would. Hug, laugh and enjoy the moment, then tell the kids it’s time for bed.

Once they’re all tucked in, you can go back to celebrating with the big kids.

5. Serve Fizzy Kid-Friendly Drinks

Whether you do a mock countdown or let everyone stay up for the real thing, fizzy drinks should be served.

No, we aren’t breaking any laws here. Instead of champagne, make fun, fizzy mocktails!

Pick up a few bottles of sparkling cider when you do your holiday shopping, or get creative with juice and ginger ale. There are many recipes to try, just make sure you don’t mix up the mocktails with the real thing!

Enjoy More Fun for Everyone with These New Years Eve Ideas for Kids

You don’t need to put away all adult activities when you have kids.

You just have to remember there are ways to include them in the fun!

Try these New Years Eve ideas for kids this year and see how much fun you all have as a family. Who knows, you might end up using these tips for other celebrations as the year goes on.

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