5 Incredible Themes For Your Summer Party

Do you want to have fun in the sun this summer? Celebrate the season with one of these great themes for your summer party.

Are you planning a summer party for your family and friends?

Make sure you pick the right theme so your guests are thoroughly entertained.

Here are some great themes for your summer soiree:

1. Pool Party

The classic summer pool party has captivated the minds of children and adults alike for decades. There’s nothing like taking a relaxing swim in a cooling swimming pool on a hot day.

Tell your guests to bring their swimming gear and get ready for a day of fun in the sun. If you don’t have a swimming pool in your home or backyard, see if you can rent a day at a neighborhood clubhouse or park district.

Make sure to provide your guests with plentiful food and drink!

2. Barbecue

A barbecue is another classic summer party idea that is perfect for carnivores and herbivores alike. Gather all your guests in the backyard for some burgers, brats, hot dogs, or whatever you feel like cooking up!

And don’t forget the sides. It’s the chips, fruit, potato salad, and drinks that often accompany a barbecue meal that can really fill out the spread.

Make sure that someone in your house knows how to work a grill. You can also create a playlist of music to entertain your guests throughout the party.

3. Elegant Garden Party

For a more regal, understated affair, invite your guests to a pleasant garden party in your backyard. A garden party is a fantastic excuse to dress up and enjoy the company of your friends.

It’s also a great way to show off your decorating chops. Set up tables in your backyard with colorful tablecloths and napkins. Make sure to include lots of flowers and other spring patterns in your decoration scheme.

For food, the daintier the better. Focus on finger sandwiches, tea, cheese plates, and fruit. Most garden parties don’t feature fried foods or more heavy fare. Cupcakes and pastries are great dessert options as well.

5. Ice Cream Social

Summer is the perfect season for cooling sweet treats like ice cream. Why not invite all your friends and family over for an ice cream social? Put all your favorite flavors out for them to try.

Then, lay out a spread of toppings like nuts, candies, diced fruit, chocolate sauce, and cherries. The best part about an ice cream party is that it’s interactive. Your guests have freedom to create the sundaes of their dreams.

This summer party idea works great for both kids and adults!

5. Backyard Camping

You don’t have to travel to the middle of nowhere to spend a night camped out under the stars. Set a few tents up in the backyard, get a fire going and make some s’mores!

You can even tie a sheet between some trees and project a movie onto it.

Your Summer Party Is Sure to Be A Blast!

If you choose one of these themes for your party, it’s sure to be a huge hit. For more information on party planning, please explore the rest of our blog!