5 Fun Bar Mitzvah Ideas You Need to Know About

Is it finally time for your little boy to become a man? To make sure he has a great time with his friends and family, here are 5 fun bar mitzvah ideas you need to know about.

A bar mitzvah celebrates your child’s pivotal transition into adulthood. Because this is such an important event, you’ll want to make sure it’s one your child will remember.

But how do you throw an amazing bar mitzvah? It’s not enough to give your teenager a great gift. You want a party that honors the occasion and celebrates your child’s personality.

Check out our bar mitzvah ideas for a fun and memorable event.

General Bar Mitzvah Ideas and Tips

You want to host a successful bar mitzvah that doesn’t alienate the teenagers. But you also want to bring out the kid in the adults.

You’ll need to talk to your DJ about what kinds of games and events they can provide for the kids. They need to keep them occupied so that no one gets bored. That way the adults can still have a fun time during the cocktail hour.

Speaking of cocktail hour, you might want to consider hiring a bartender for the big event. If you choose to, ask them to create two themed drinks that go with your bar mitzvah. See if they can create a virgin version for the kids, so they don’t feel left out.

Creative Themes for Bar Mitzvahs

Themes for bar mitzvahs can be a lot of fun. You don’t have to be as formal as you do for wedding themes, and you can add fun bar mitzvah decor.

1) Gaming Party

You can rent out an old-school arcade where kids and adults can play Frogger or Mortal Kombat. You can also set up big screen televisions with different gaming consoles. Host a Super Mario Kart tournament, or have them face off in Super Smash Brothers.

2) Carnival Theme

This could be fun for a bar mitzvah or a bat mitzvah, especially in the summer. You can offer carnival games like the dunk tank or ring tosses. If you want to go all out, hire actual carnival entertainers like acrobats or clowns. Decorate the room like a big top tent and offer popcorn as snacks.

3) Batman Party

One fun bar mitzvah idea is to set up your space to look like the streets of Gotham with a giant Bat-signal. Decorate the bar mitzvah centerpieces to represent a different Batman villain. You can even create a “Bat Cave” for the kids with big screens and special tables.

4) Under the Sea Party

This theme is more appropriate for a bat mitzvah if you wanted to take the mermaid route. It can also work for your boys who love deep sea diving.

Have your bar mitzvah decor feature sea creatures and sunken pirate ships. You could even have live goldfish as your bar mitzvah centerpieces.

5) Sports Party

If your son loves sports, build your bar mitzvah ideas around his favorite teams. Set up stations where the kids can shoot hoops or practice in batting cages. You can also set up Wii Sports on a big screen if you need the space for dancing.

Don’t forget to give your teenager a customized jersey from their favorite team!

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