10 Surefire Ways to Get Your Trade Show Booth Noticed

Booth Display: Get Noticed at Trade Shows

There are so many booths at trade shows, it can be difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. Here’s how to rock your booth display and get noticed.
If you’ve ever been to a trade show before, you know that there’s nothing quite like it. The noise, the excitement, and of course, the booths are outstanding.

There’s so much to see that attendees often have a hard time picking what’s worth their time. But statistics show that most of those attendees have the buying power needed to elevate your business.

Therefore, you’ll need an attention-grabbing booth display that people will love. Here are 10 tips that should help you stand out at your next trade show!

1. Do Your Research

Weeks ahead of the trade show, there should be a comprehensive list of other vendors attending. This is a great way to scope out the competition and find out what to expect.

You’ll also want to check on the specific placement and dimensions of your booth so you can adequately prepare.

2. Drum up Excitement Beforehand

Getting solid turnout without proper advertising methods is nearly impossible. Make sure that you let fans and followers know that you’ll be in attendance and where to find you.

Send emails and post to social media two weeks before the trade show, then a few days later as a reminder.

3. Establish Your Booth as a Trade Show Landmark

Here’s the thing: booth placement matters, but only to an extent. Obviously the closer you are to the front door, the better.

But even if you’re in a far corner, you can use balloons or other props to serve as landmarks and gain recognition. Soon you’ll go from ‘that booth over there’ to ‘that booth with the great balloons‘.

4. Get Colorful

Using color psychology is a fascinating way to draw attendees to your booth.

Try and use primary and warmer colors as these naturally draw up positive emotions in people and are pleasing to the eye.

5. Have Employees Walk Around

If you can’t bring people to the booth display, bring the display to the people. Have employees or volunteers walk around as representatives of your booth.

Talk with attendees and wear or hold swag. Let them know it can be found at the booth.

6. Give Things Away

Speaking of which, the best part of attending a trade show is going home with all sorts of cool free stuff. Make sure that you’re giving away something both creative and unusual.

Mugs and shirts are great, but attendees will pick up dozens of them. Be creative with your swag and think outside the box!

7. Make It Fun

More than anything else, an eye-popping booth display needs to be fun.

Sure, you’re there for business, but there’s no reason you can’t be friendly and joke around with attendees.

8. Make It Interactive

If you’re not the socializing type, consider implementing an activity at your booth. The longer you keep attendees at your booth, the likelier they are to engage you in conversation.

Not to mention that interactivity is a great way to get people to form a line and generate buzz for you.

9. Use Familiarity

If you or your business have ever been featured on television or a national platform of any sort, use it to your advantage. People love brand recognition and familiarity.

10. Post on Social Media during the Event

Finally, remind people to stop by your booth display during the event itself.

You can even live stream directly from the booth to help attendees find you.

Looking for a Great Booth Display?

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