10 Hottest Ideas for a Summer BBQ Party

Group Of Friends Having Outdoor Barbeque At HomeSummer is the perfect time for BBQs. Go ahead and invite all your friends over and we’ll give the some ideas to make your BBQ party the best one all season.

Summer’s here!

And for many people, that means it’s time to get back outside and start taking advantage of the warm weather before it’s gone again.

One of the best ways to celebrate summer is with a BBQ party.

It’s a time to connect with friends and family while soaking up some sun or sitting under the stars.

Get Your BBQ Party Started

If you’re itching to get going on the festivities, we’ve got ten things you can do to take your party up another notch.

1. Make Actual Invitations

Yeah, sure. You can do evites. And it’s probably a good idea.

But consider designing and printing out actual invitations too. They’re more memorable – especially since they’re much easier to post on the refrigerator.

2. Have a Color Scheme

You might just be hanging out in the backyard or partying by the pool. But you can still decorate.

For example, you could choose flowers in your favorite colors, pop them in a few jars, and place the jars around the party. Or you create a balloon bouquet that sports those same hues.

3. Plan Your Menu

It’s a BBQ. That means you’ll create your menu around anything that can be grilled. And that’s an ever-growing list!

But if you want to keep it simple, stick to the summer standards of burgers, hot dogs, skewers, and grilled vegetables.

4. Offer a Condiment Bar

Dispense of the ugly store-bought squeeze bottles and jars for your burger or dog.

Instead, buy some small metal tins and chalkboard labels. Then fill each metal tin with the appropriate condiment (ketchup, relish, different varieties of mustard) and label them accordingly.

Speaking of bars…

5. Create a Garden Bar

Don’t have a bar in your backyard? Create a makeshift one in the corner.

Set up a table and surround it with some greenery. Stock the table with red wines and liquors. And keep coolers under the table for ice and things that need to stay cold – like water, soda, white wine, and beer.

6. Provide Drink Covers

Every BBQ has unwelcome guests. Often in the form of pesky insects.

Offer your guests protection for their drinks in the form of baking cups. You need only cut an X in the center of one, place it over the drink and then stick a straw in the hole.

Add custom printed drink coolers or personalized plastic drink cups as a memorable gimmee for your guests to take home after the party.

7. Have Flavored Water as a Drink Option

Some people don’t drink alcohol and/or soda.

Bottled water is nice, but flavored waters add a special touch. Plus, they are so easy to make. And you can use fruits and herbs that are growing right there in your backyard.

8. Let the Games Begin

Nothing turns up the excitement of a party like bringing people together for a little friendly competition. Corn hole is particularly popular these days, but don’t forget about the classics like bocce ball and croquet.

9. Create Off-the-Grid Lighting

As night falls, you may not have electrical outlets to keep areas well lit.

No problem. Gather a bunch of jars or bottles, fill them with lamp oil and wicks and then group them together under a large hurricane to create warm and natural light to take you into the night.

10. Keep Desserts Simple

Cupcakes are one of the easiest desserts. But you could go with ice cream cones too.

If you want to take it up another notch, offer up a tray of banana split lasagna. It’s pretty easy to make and a lot of fun to eat!

Celebrate Summer!

Having a BBQ party is a great way to kick off this great season. So it’s time to set your plan in motion.

Stock up on food and decorations. And don’t forget the custom balloons! You can even get them customized to fit your theme and scheme. So check them out today.