What To Expect From Your Personalized Balloon Printer

When ordering custom balloons for your birthday, wedding, or other special event, be sure to order from a reputable company. Here are a few items you should be keep in mind when choosing a balloon printer for your custom balloons:

1) Balloon Size: Be sure that you are getting the correct size balloon when ordering. Many balloon printing companies will sell you a 12 inch balloon, but deliver you a 10 inch or even 9 inch balloon. The 12 inch size is the most common. When fully inflated, a 12 inch balloon will be as big a a basketball.

2) Quantity: Be sure to order the quantity you really need. Some companies have sales on 1,000 balloons for a special price. You may only need 100 balloons for your birthday party. So why order 1,000 balloons?

3) Print quality: Make sure the image is sik screened for quality. Sometimes companies will use a cheap offset method of printing that fades when the balloon is inflated.

4) Extra Added Charges: Some companies show a lower price at first, but then add in extra charges for plates, set-up, proof, and shipping charges.

5) Delivery Time: One company may offer a lower price, but you won’t get the balloons in time for your event, so who cares how cheap they are?

6) Customer service: Make sure your company responds quickly to your phone call. See how long they take to respond to your e-mails and how fast they answer the phone. If the phone rings ten times, then a voice attendant answers and you are put on hold for the next “available operator” in 10 minutes, find another company, cuz you ain’t gettin’ you balloons on time.

Check out BalloonsTomorrow.com and just how we measure up to this criteria. Call us today and receive the attention you deserve!