Wedding Thank You Note Etiquette

One thing that irritates me about brides and grooms is not getting a thank you note after a gift is sent. Let’s be honest, many times you are invited to a wedding just because you might give a gift. If you are not going to acknowledge a gift with a thank you note, then don’t accept the gift. The giver would like to at least know if the gift was received. Maybe the company did not send a gift or maybe the bride and groom did not receive the gift sent. Things get lost in shipping, etc…. But when you know for sure that a gift was received because you brought the gift to the reception, you expect a thank you note.

The proper time to send a thank you note is immediately or within two months, maximum three months from the wedding. And the thank you note should be hand written and mailed with a stamp. Do not hand someone a thank you note in church to save postage. And an e-mailed thank you note is down right rude. If you are a cheap skate, don’t embarrass yourself with an e-mailed or hand delivered thank you note. When you hand deliver or e-mail a thank you note, you are saying, “thanks for spending $100.00 on our wedding gift, I don’t want to spend 45 cents on a mailed letter to you, because I am a cheap skate”

My wife and I attended a wedding a few years ago and we never received a thank you note for our gift. A year later the groom’s brother invited us to his wedding, we declined only because we never received a thank you note from the previous wedding. We figured this ignorance or rudeness was hereditary.