Thinking It Through

When planning any event it is important to think about all of the components that will make up your party. I have broken it down into a few categories for you and have given you some scenarios to think about. You want to think about the different aspects but also remember not to over-think.

What to consider:

  1. Time of the party. This will greatly determine what type of food should be served. You aren’t going to serve sliders at a baby shower that is at 10:00 in the morning and you aren’t going to serve cinnamon rolls at a barbeque. Do you have guests traveling from out of town? Then don’t start your party too early in the day.
  2. Your guests. Are there going to be a lot of kids at the party? You may want to consider doing finger foods that aren’t very messy (nobody likes cleaning stains out of their carpets). Whether your party is indoors or outdoors consider a possible form of entertainment – especially nice if there will be children at your event.
  3. Weather & location. If you choose to have your party outdoors make sure that you have an alternative location in case of rain – or in my neck of the woods, the heat. The heat is not typically a party disrupter that we normally think about but not too many people are going to want to be outside if the temps are in the 100s!

These are just a few items to think about when you are planning a party. As stated in a previous post, document your options, make a check list, and be prepared – you will be surprised at how well things can run when you consider all parts of your party. In the end remember not to stress and to have fun – roll with the punches and enjoy those around you!