The Only Graduation Party Supplies You Need

Preparation for graduation partyIt happens every single year, but when it’s your time to throw the party, don’t get put in detention. Graduation, heralding thousands of students’ release into the world, is a real reason to celebrate, especially if you have a graduate to laud. Fortunately, finding the best graduation party supplies isn’t as hard as calculus, and you’re sure to go right to the head of the class!

Yes, You Have Some Homework

You knew you wouldn’t be able to escape an article about graduation supplies without getting some homework of your own!

Consider our question checklist the “extra credit” you need to boost your chances of passing the graduation party with flying colors:

  • Use the reporter questions of who (who’s invited?), when, where (your house? if not, do you need to rent/book space or get an OK from another host?), and how. You can forget why, as we know that one!
  • Aside from the fact that you’re celebrating the new grad, what else will be going on? Will there be entertainment? Games? Activities for kids if you invite them?
  • What are you doing in terms of food and drink? Will there be adult beverages and if so, someone to serve them? Should guests bring items like a potluck? Will you cater or special order from a restaurant or grocer ahead of time?

Should You Hit the Books for Graduation Party Supplies?

For the really creative, consider going graduation theme for your graduation party.

Wait, did we lose you?

Items such as signs, banners, decorations, and goody bag gifts can all be made using actual school themes, such as the yellow #2 pencil, graduation mortarboard caps, and lots and lots of books and loose leaf paper!

Social media does not disappoint, so lean on your crafty “classmates” for ideas like edible glitter mortarboard cookies, graduation frame, memory jar keepsakes, and “the party’s here” yard signs.

And of course, if your graduate is going on to a college or university (or even moving up to a high school), you can incorporate that school’s details into your party.

Theme out with graduation party supplies (streamers, balloons, napkins, bags, table covers) that are in the school’s colors (every college and university has at least one and usually two) and possibly the school’s mascot and slogan, as well.

DIY or Customize

You know how those graduates all toss their mortarboards up in the air and it’s just a whole sea of hats?

Don’t have your special graduate feel lost in that huge, black sea.

One ideal way to stand out is with customized graduation party supplies, and everything is up for grabs!

Partygoers will know right away who is the graduate guest of honor when you hand them photo napkins, emblazoned with your grad’s picture and graduation dates.

The customization possibilities are endless, including:

  • Custom balloons
  • Photo-edible sheet cake
  • Pins or rubber “cause” bracelets
  • Goody bags

Get the Party Started

So, it’s soon going to be “No more teachers, no more books?”

Let us school you in graduation party supplies and ideas. We have our master’s degrees in this stuff! (OK, we’re just really into balloons and supplies!)

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