Self Sealing Foil Mylar Balloons

All of our 18 inch custom printed foil mylar balloons are self sealing. This means you don’t have to tie or seal the balloon. It also means that you can refill the balloon indefinitely. As the balloon loses a little helium and gets wrinkled, you can give the balloon a few squirts of helium to top the balloon off and keep it looking fresh. Refilling the balloon gives your inflatable advertising the ability to last a long time in store displays or at sales while still looking great!

Now there is one important point to remember about the self sealing balloon. In order for the balloon to work properly you must tie the ribbon or string below the valve. If you tie the ribbon above the valve, the balloon will leak and you will not be able to refill the balloon. This may sound confusing, but when you see the valve on the mylar balloon, just be sure to tie the ribbon below the valve so you can use the valve again. Many balloons have a marking that indicates where to tie the ribbon.

These pointers will help keep your 18 inch custom mylar balloons looking great while staying afloat as long as you need them.