Custom Red White and Blue Balloons

As I mentioned in my previous blog, red, white and blue are the most popular balloon colors for custom printed balloons. Many customers order one color of balloons for their entire order, for example, 500 white balloons with blue ink, or 1000 cherry red custom balloons with white ink. Now when you order your personalized balloons, be sure to choose an ink color that will contrast. For example, navy blue or cherry red balloons look best with white ink. Black ink does not look good on dark balloon colors like cherry red, navy blue, or purple balloons because there is less contrast. This results in your custom printed balloon’s message having very low visibility and negates the purpose of having balloons personalized in the first place. If you need black ink on your red or blue balloons, choose a baby blue or standard red balloon color instead of the darker shades.

Some customers order a mixture of red, white, and blue balloons. In this case I recommend using a dark color ink like blue or black on the white balloon, and then printing the navy blue and cherry red balloons with white ink. There will be an small ink change charge to do this ink switch, but as I mentioned above, black ink on the navy blue and cherry red will not look good.