Soccer Balloons (Foil / Mylar)



Soccer Ball Themed Mylar (Foil) Balloons

Soccer Ball Themed Balloons. These are unprinted balloons made to look like soccer balls. Balloons are approx. 18 inch in diameter and are mylar (aka foil) balloons. Balloons are made to look like a soccer ball and are perfect for helping you to create a soccer themed party or event. Since they are mylar balloons they are reusable up to 5 times and have a long float time if you use helium.

Soccer Ball Balloons 2 Printed Sides, 2 Ink Colors

Soccer Ball Balloons custom printed on both sides with 2 ink colors available each side. Custom Soccer balloons are great for teams or individuals that want to personalize their soccer themed party or special event. Use them at soccer themed birthday parties for the athlete or order them for a team celebration! Print your team logo or individual name in two ink colors on both sides of these balloons shaped like soccer balls.


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