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Plain Helium Quality Latex and Foil Balloons

What makes our plain helium quality party balloons better than a store bought balloon? Our plain balloons have thicker walls!
That means they float longer and look nicer than ordinary store bought balloons! This is a much higher quality balloon which means it lasts longer for your party!
For a shiny “Metallic” like finish choose the Metallic Balloons. For a Softer finish choose the “Pearlized”. For the longest lasting balloon, choose Foil. Remember too, these are unprinted balloons.
Questions, Call 800-343-4347 Or To Order By Phone
12' plain pearlized balloons
Bag of 12” Latex “Pearlized” Balloons
18' heart shaped balloons
Plain 18” Foil Heart Balloons
18' foil balloons
Plain 18” Foil Round Balloons
18' star shaped balloons
Plain 18” Foil Star Balloons
plain baseball shaped balloons
Plain Baseball Balloons
plain basketball shaped balloons
Plain Basketball Balloons
plain football shaped balloons
Plain Football Balloons

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