Personalized Mints Make An Affordable Promotion

After 25 years of helping people promote their business with logo balloons, it was natural to add personalized mints or logo business candy to our product mix. Custom mints with a company logo are an affordable way for car dealers, real estate, and insurance offices to promote their business. For just pennies each, restaurants and car dealers can have their logo or message printed on a custom candy wrapper. Wedding mints make an inexpensive party favor with each candy as low as 11 cents each. Each custom candy wrapper protects a mouth watering chocolate mint, jumbo jelly bean or starlight mint. The popular butter mint is a favorite for weddings, anniversary or birthday parties as well as trade shows, parades, or fairs. Personalized balloons and personalized mints are an affordable promotion for your next event.

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  1. I use business candy in my dental office. I’m serious. I am a dentist and I own a dental office, but I use business candy in the reception area. Each package of business candy has a mouth mint. The personalized mint is wrapped with a custom candy wrapper printed with my office name. As you can imagine. I get lots of comments from patients about the candy in the waiting room of my dental office. But guess, what? Patients love’em. I have to re-fill the bowl several times per week. It also creates buzz around town. Let’s face it, patients are eating candy anyway. So who are we kidding? My patients love my business candy. And no they are not gonna get a cavity from eating a few personalized mints.

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