Most Popular Balloon Colors

What are the most popular balloons colors used for custom balloons and personalized balloons? White is the most popular balloon color, then red then blue. These three colors comprise 25% of the custom balloon orders. The remaining 75% of custom balloon orders are from a color palette of 40 colors,... Read more

Photo Balloons

What is a photo balloon? A photo balloon is a custom printed balloon with a photo or photograph of a person or a photograph that has half tones or fine copy. Photo balloons are used for wedding balloons with a photo of the bride and groom. Photo balloons can be... Read more

Personalized Mints Make An Affordable Promotion

After 25 years of helping people promote their business with logo balloons, it was natural to add personalized mints or logo business candy to our product mix. Custom mints with a company logo are an affordable way for car dealers, real estate, and insurance offices to promote their business. For... Read more

Helium Balloons Float Time

People always ask, “How long will my helium balloons float?” I then ask, how long do you want them to float? Helium filled balloons range in size from 10 inch to 60 inches. The most popular size being the 12 inch. The industry standard sizes for helium balloons are, 10... Read more

Custom Printed Balloons

About 26 years ago we sold custom printed balloons to local businesses. I remember our first customer was Sears & Roebuck. Sears wanted balloons for a weekend sale and promotion. At this time we did not print our own balloons. We tried to order custom printed balloons from a balloon... Read more

Custom Napkins

We just added custom napkins to the Balloons Tomorrow product mix. It was after discussions with our customer service reps had informed me that they were getting lots of request for custom napkins when customers were ordering custom balloons. So after a little thought we added custom napkins to our... Read more

Party Ideas from

Welcome to the new blog “Party Ideas”. The Balloons Tomorrow blog is here to focus on providing party ideas for your parties, special events, announcements of new products, and technical information regarding the use of and customization our products. We hope that you will find the blog informative and... Read more