Party Invitation Etiquette

Invitation Etiquette

1) Type of Party: Birthday, wedding, baby shower, etc…

2) Name of Honoree: The birthday boy, the bride and groom, the mother to be for baby showers.

3) Day and Date of the party: Spell everything out. do not abbreviate days or months. Say: Friday the tenth day of January, or the twenty sixth day of August two thousand and thirteen.

4) Time : 8:00 p.m., or for formal say, eight o’clock in the evening

5) Name of Place:  Verdis Restaurant, or Brenda’s home

6) Location of Place – Street address, city and state if inviting out of town guests, do not include zip code this will go on the envelope

7) Name of the people giving the party: Host(s)/hostess(es)

8) Appropriate attire: If it is an a theme party mention attire. If it is a wedding people will know what to wear.

9) Proof read, and then proof read again. Here’s a funny story. When my sister got married, my wife (the sister-in-law) asked to proof read the wedding invitation. My sister refused, ha, ha. The wedding invitation said, “we request the honor of your presents” not presence. My wife was an English major, the wife got the last laugh, it kept us amused for some time. Never mess with an English major, they always win.