Party Ideas for Grown Ups

We had a “pool party” for our dance friends. We all hung out around the pool, snacking and talking about everything. Ages of the party ranged for mid 30’s to people in their 80’s.

So when we decided to get into the pool, I organized a game of Marco Polo. Now I have heard my teenage kids paly this game ofr hour and the noise drove me nuts. I never play Marco Polo before, so I talked this group into playing. As a 50 year old, I must confess, it was a blast! Now this group was very active and fit so the game was no problem. Here’s how Marco Polo works. You pick one person to be it and they are blinfolded. The rest of the players try to keep from being tagged by the person who is it. The blind folded person yells out “Marco” the other players must yell back “Polo”. The blind folded person then has to use their sense of hearing to find, catch and tag another player. The players try to keep from being tagged as the blind folded chases them around the pool. When another player is tagged, they become “it” and they are blind folded and then chase the other players.