Learning to tie…

Tie it all together that is. Whether you spend a lot of time or only a couple of weeks planning your party having elements that coordinate really make it look and feel like you’ve been planning this party for ages. It is really easy to do and the options are endless. Start by coming up with a theme for your event – this may be something like a rodeo theme for a birthday party or it could be something as simple as a color theme. Once you have your theme (your base) you can then start building on that idea. Depending on when you start your planning you can begin collecting items little by little. I challenge you to not think of the obvious when buying decorations & accessories for your event. Let’s take that rodeo theme for example – you could take the obvious and decorate with cowboy hats & bandanas but why not purchase a couple of hay or straw bales to use as added seating if your party is outdoors. Or use some twine or jute for a fun DIY decorations and those good old’ glass jars make simple and affordable vases for the center of your tables.

haybale seating

jar vases

Just remember that a little goes a long way – don’t overdo it. Stay tuned for future posts on specific themes. Want to hear my ideas on a certain theme just let me know; I would gladly share my ideas!