Personalized Photo Balloons

Personalized Photo Balloons for your special event, birthday or anniversary!

Add fun, laughter, and excitement to your next birthday party with custom photo balloons from

Call today and you can have custom printed photo balloons tomorrow!

Photo balloons are great for birthdays, anniversaries, over-the-hill, graduation, and retirement parties. We use only high-quality, natural latex that is 100% biodegradable. Then we imprint your special photograph and message onto the balloon using our secret process that brings your message to life. We can print a photo on a balloon to promote an event, decorate a birthday party, use as a wedding decoration or anything at all!

A note about printing your Custom Printed Photo Balloons: Photographs should be scanned from the original photograph, and emailed in a .jpg or .tiff format. Pick photographs that are good quality, where the individual is captured in a clear (not blurry) photograph. Good contrast in the photograph will help set off the individual. Example: A baby picture where the subject has no hair and has a white blanket around their head and body will have a washed out look. A blonde-haired subject with a light background may appear washed out and it will be difficult to get good definition on their hair (it will become part of the balloon). A dark haired subject with a dark background will not have definition between their hair and the background Free setup, free proofs and fast, friendly service on all custom photo balloon orders!